Friday, December 18, 2015

Ramble 12/18

Strange that the Jews surrounding Putin can't find a way of dealing with the Jewish proxy government of the Ukraine and the Jewish government in America.

No matter, apparently it's mainly the "goy" that pay when Jews disagree with each other or can't quite "advise" or manipulate political leaders like Putin/Trump.  Leaders/patriarchs that are coming into alignment, naturally... because half the shit that's being done around the world is based on Judeo/Zionism/globalism/banksterism without regard for the interests of American or Russian people.  (Not that there's an "American" or "Russian" national identity anymore anyway.  These guys are empire builders and all "Americans" are slated to be totally monetized, blended and melted out of existence based on immigration.  If Russia was a more successful empire, same deal.  

I guess that's Trump's main argument:  "You're not even going to have an empire in the future.  Make America White, I Mean Great Again!  What are the ethnic spines that the Russian and American empires rest on? How far can they expand or project power without the work becoming "back breaking"?  We probably have diversity programs at the CIA at this point.  So those guys could be Muslims.  Or they could be African pygmies. Or perhaps Somalian immigrants?  These guys better take note of the ethno/racial spines that empires are built on if they expect to continue having an "international"/interracial empire.

Personally, it makes no difference to me at this point.   

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