Wednesday, December 30, 2015

MLK ramble...

In America, the reason that MLK's poetry speaks to me is that he essentially said, "I dream of a day when my own children and kin will be better off.

But to the witless whites, the Judeo-Christians, the stupid and the ignorant, the virtue signalling hypocrites desperate to defeat a racism, the ethnic masochists, the self-haters, the degenerates... (and so on and on) apparently MLK's dream means this:  "I have a dream when no ethnic groups with roots in the land exist.  But a gay community, a Brony Community, a Transgender Community, a Fat Community... all that is what the civil rights movement is all about!"

Those are loony tunes dreams.  The way I see it, the power of the speech is in the dream of a father trying to provide a better country for his children and kin group to live in.  (Truth be known, black men haven't done a very good job of that.  But there again, neither are a lot of men of European descent.  There's the influence of the neurotically anti-white Tribe of bed wetters that fears white Nazis/racism.  Thanks, Hitler.  You scared the bed wetters.  Apparently, permanently.  But their influence aside, it's men of European descent too.)

Anyway, as I always note... even if you're anti-white or a "minority"/majority of ill will against whites.. whoever is here in America is in the same sinking boat now.  It is already Babel, as usury will seek to devour and monetize the entire world.  Trump is like some limp resistance or slowing of a process of ethnic replacement that will not be slowed down by kosher Republicans.  But the economic writing is already on the wall.

 Plus Trump will move to the Left in the general election as the forces of international capitalism/socialism/banksterism will continue until they can't.

"We either have a country or we don't."  --Trump

Too late.  You either have a nation that lives in a country or you do not.  For psychological and cultural reasons, people of European descent worldwide do not have strong national/tribal identities and therefore are beginning not to have countries.  Germans first.   

That's why their lands are being invaded now.  They're like "the Palestinians" in that way, although they're many thousands of times better off materially.  Even so, the existential and psychological problems of being assigned a negative group identity and only a negative identity by an endlessly hostile Tribe at the nerve centers of the body politic remains. 

White men in America now:  divorce, depression, suicide, drugs, chemically castrated boys, a gay community but no white community, "feminism," nihilism, mass shootings, fanatical misplaced masculinity in sports teams/tribes, Bruce Jenner, bread and circuses, death... what's all this? 

Small aspect of this big picture, back when high schools in America had gun ranges in accordance with the customs and traditions of Northern Europeans... how many mass shootings were there?   Not a rhetorical question.  I don't know. But I doubt there were that many until a culture built up by Europeans got subverted by Jews again. 

Note the reprieve of the primal and seemingly subconscious psychological/cultural warfare of the Tribe during the 1950s when they perceived a tribal enemy emerging back in Europe that needed to be killed.  This was back when they invented the all American cartoon Superman/Uberman to defeat their white Nazi cartoons.  Team America is still trying to defeat "another Hitler" for Jews to this day, in reality. 

It's actually an impressive feat.  They bent a nation to their will and made prophecies that are explicitly articulated in their customs and traditions come true.  "Your destiny is to serve us."  And what happened?     

 Defeating another Hitler is the only way that witless white boys get to play the part of the cartoons they're programmed with, it seems.  I am more empathetic to whites than I may appear.  Because I grew up being indoctrinated by Jews in the same way.  One can see that the moral absolute of this culture of moral relativism ("It's the current year!")  is "Nazism"/National Socialism for some reason. 

But I couldn't quite put my finger on why that is.  

Observe the gibberish and forms of entertainment provided: "Modern family." Everything is relative.  "Postmodern."  What year is it?  "Progress."  

But here's a way to draw something out of Babel:  "Yeah, I think this idea that the National Socialists were absolutely evil is relative too.  They were just people and stuff.  Maybe they were just some pagan dudes that recognized the dangers of Jewish Bolsheviks and a bunch of Jewish terrorists and subversives.  Who knows?  Who can say?"        

Or:  "Like my openly Marxist professor at the UofD I would say that National Socialism hasn't been totally falsified by history.  It's like Marxism.  They probably didn't implement it right or maybe skipped a stage.  Plus they had a world war incited against them by a bunch of Jews.  So all their ethnic cleansing and stuff, well... like the Marxists say about history, sometimes you have to break a few eggs when trying to make an omelet.   So that's why I'm your National Socialist professor, instead of your Marxist professor.  It's not a failed ideology.  We just need to do it right next time."


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