Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ramble 12/17

Of course there is actually a group of people defined as a social/tribal construct based on a criminal religion that actually are SUPREMACISTS. And they always have been, thus their role in the international slave trade of old and the debt/money slave trade of "globalism" now. Thus some Masonic/Judaizers in America were business partners with them in the trade that doomed their descendants, despite their successful rebellion against the Bank of Zion. Note that the Whiskey Rebellion soon followed, as many our people have always been against slavery and the international ideologies of slave and debt/money traders that monetize different groups. Indeed, that's why they didn't like it then and abolished it later. Not Arabs. Not Africans.

And certainly not Jews.

Jews, anyone that takes part in that social construct invented by some crazy guys with beards, ARE usually the supremacists. And they always have been. 

It's not like this is some new thing or they mysteriously monopolized the slave trades of the past, the opium trade and so on and on. It's their ideology.  It's the way that they've been socially constructed based on an ideology of supremacy now freely spoken of in the ethnic state that they're building for themselves. 

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