Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ramble 12/23

hey're usually just self-hating white people that have taken the customs of our people too far. It was of great benefit to our people to drag bedraggled stray wolves in out of the cold and make them into dogs. It was of great benefit to tame horses. Etc. But they're going to far and they're witless. They usually don't even realize that they exist as white people of European descent with customs, traditions and psychological dynamics based on that. 

See very many Asian "animal rights" activists? African? Muslim*? There might be some. One or two. But the whole herd of "animal rights" activists is usually just a bunch of white people taking some of the instincts, traditions and customs of our people too far. Once they're done trying to diversify white men and their own kin out of existence with diversity, then who will care about the animals and "noble savages." Noble lion lives matter?

Environmentalists of European descent can't see the forest (Their own kin group.) for the trees (Me just individual.. whites need diversity!). Environmentalism. Animal rights. "Conservationists." Is anyone paying attention to who these people actually are? Because it doesn't seem like they are. Save the Great White Male? No. But there's an African Pygmy Fund, if you'd like to contribute to that. Lol.... oh well. 

Interesting contrast, 
Google:  "Muslims kill dogs"

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