Thursday, December 03, 2015

Diversity 12/3

 With the increasing levels of diversity in what's supposed to be our own government we need to have our own networks now.

Talk of secession in accordance with our ethno/tribal instincts may be wrong, heading for the hills again.  (Probably just watching a reality show about it, without actually doing it anyway.) 

This is our government, established for us by our ancestors.  These were our colleges, built for us by our European ancestors even if they have been pretty much totally and successfully subverted by a socially constructed Tribe that has repeatedly demonstrated their hatred toward us White guys/"goys."  (The minority Victim group above all others.  Crybullies.  Imagine the obnoxious chutzpah of being kicked out of country after country and then coming to a new country full of people of European descent and creating a subversive "long march through the institutions" that results in the same old Weimar type crap.  Miley Ray Cyrus is probably approaching peak Weimar or something again...  Seriously.) 

White people need to stop talking about secession and stop trying to head for the hills.   Enough of that.  That's a racial tendency.  It's not always the correct course of action.  It may or may not be the correct course.  But we as a group need more facts, logic and evidence than just:  "I'm descended from the White tribes of the North, so I feel like prepping and heading to the hills again.  This Ayn Rand/RosenShekel person told me that this is going Galt!  No, actually it's all about preparing for climate change like Jack Markell says."  Etc.

Going Galt from what?  Abstractions?  "Socialism"?  Probably just retreating from the diverse ethnic groups that you're expected as Bob the Builder: Episode You Didn't Build That or Joe the Plumber: Episode Implicitly White or Team America: Cuck Yeah! to provide a welfare/warfare state for. 

This Syrian refugee stuff is full circle now.  What remains of America as a European derived country is bombing a country on its warfare side and then being expected to accept the refugees of that nation on its welfare side.   They did such a great job screening the "Syrian rebels" that they armed that they'll probably do even better screening "Syrian refugees."  Then there's the second generation, that will still have the same ethnic identity rooted in Islam for a long time.

Work harder, Bob!    Joe, how much plumbing can you do?  You don't have schools to go to, too many ethnic gangs and Clock Boys to police there now?  Doesn't matter.  If only you were a certain tribe that actually matters in your "oppressive" system of the "racism," then you could build an entire ethnic state.   Etc.etc.       

  Solzhenitsyn pointed out that there was actually another problem in Russia that little Miss "Rand" didn't get into, lest all her books fail to be published... and zero movies later too.

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