Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Ramble 12/16

Nearly all new mosques built in the USA and in Europe are Wahabbi mosques funded by Saudi Arabia.

An architect was in my office the other day saying that the Muslims don't pay their bills on time.    Plus a lot of Muslims don't like dogs, the wolves that are ancestors tamed.  Etc.etc.

I don't even agree that witless Whites that can't see the forest (their group) for the trees (...just some "systematically racist" individuals) need to play pretend that this is about the terrism.  That's all it is, they just don't want the terrism.  But they're not racist enough to want to continue existing as a group.

I don't agree with playing pretend.  We have a natural right to exist as a group in the countries that our forefathers died for.

Muslims are going to set up loud speakers for their call to prayer and scare our dogs.  They already are.*   It wasn't enough that old politicians monetized your nation and kin with inconceivable amounts of international debt/money.  Oh no.  Biden also wants an "unrelenting stream" of immigration that will be combined with an anti-white culture of diversity verging on an ethnic cleansing campaign run by the federal government.  African Americans of ill will that have watched too many movies produced by Jews may think, "Oh goodie... whites deserve it.  Good, good."  Wrong.  Talk another look at what immigration means for you as well. 

Already, observe:
(Michigan town said to have first majority Muslim city council ...)
(US|Tension in a Michigan City Over Muslims' Call to Prayer)
(Washington Post: Hamtramck residents 'profoundly unsettled')

Oh, now they're "unsettled."  Better tell old Wolf Von and the other old guys that they'll need to police the supposedly rabid "hate speech" for the sake of more freedumb or something. 

Because people of European descent are going to hate when their dogs get killed.  Many African Americans are going to hate to have to listen to some Muslim stuff.  Hispanics are going to be like, "What's that?"  The Chinese that are visiting to have their anchor baby are going to be like: "Why did we bother to come here? Is there somewhere else that has a crazy immigration policy for us to use as a free insurance policy?"  

(IRAN's savage killings of stray dogs with burning acid has ...)
(Caninophobic Muslim Suicide Bomber Blows Up Hero ...)

I guess European Americans could even pretend that "differences" between ethnic groups is all about the terrism and not the fact that they want to exist as a group with their kith and kin in their (former) countries.  (With their dog/wolf brought in by the fire for Christmas with their kin and all the rest of it.  Implicitly!  Because you don't want to be called a name for existing as a group or anything.  Racists!)

(ISIS Issues Fatwa Calling for the Mass Slaughter of ...
   4 days ago - ... Now, it's been declared a holy crusade for them to kill dogs and puppies in the USA.)

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