Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The results of white ethnic masochism...

Rambling off a comment.

Problem for this goyim, search: "Jewish activist promotes "multicultural mode" for Europa: Sample Sweden"

 So tell all this to the Jews that seek to establish a multicult among all other tribes/goyim while preserving a right to be nationalists or "monoculturalists" themselves.

And it's not a matter of being clever and winning Nobel Prizes, ultimately. You can be too clever and outsmart yourself, not that this dim bulb goyim Zionist would necessarily recognize that but over a long time span it is usually inevitable.

The Jewish Left (use euphemisms like globalists or lizard people for kosher conspiracy theorists if you like...) themselves have generally cultivated the multicult in the West in general because they support multiculturalism for the goyim. Examples abound and are historic: "Throw the wretched refuse over there. European, white trash... refuse! But give me my own pure nation of Zion." --Emma Lazarus

As dumb as many goyim are, they dutifully join the Tribe Inc. of Jewish supremacists and nationalists in celebrating Emma Lazarus as a supposed great poet instead of pointing out that she was a total hypocrite. Same thing with this old crank. Islamic cultures are not good, therefore Talmudism or Zionism are good? False. He'll point out dhimmi status all day, yet says nothing about the status of goyim according to the Talmud, Ovadia Yosef and Israeli rabbis.  A status that has already been established in Europe to some extent.  A Jew can say something and it's not "hate speech" but a goy says something and it is. There were already double standards being established before Islamic immigrants started trying to establish their dhimmi stuff.

It would all be irrelevant if nationalists would secure their borders.    Ironically they usually have the majority, yet are paralyzed in their minds by multiculturalism, rainbows and appeals to pathological white/fairness altruism that the groups attacking them do not even adhere to themselves.  Is the Jewish State multicultural?  Are Talmudic rabbis multicultural?  Are Islamic states multicultural?  Ironically, if you want to have a multicultural nation then it may have to have or maintain a white/fair majority and a fair/white justice system because none of these other groups are thinking like you think, white people. 

How obvious does it have to get?  They come in and eventually Judaize your nation, changing all Anglo law so that you're sticking tubes up people's butts to torture false confessions out of them.  Or they come in and Islamize "your" nation, so that you wind up with Sharia or functional dhimmi status.

Immigration is the lynchpin of all of this.  If they were not here, then no issue.  If they were not in Sweden and Sweden was for its tradition people based on common law, then no issue.  They wouldn't have to try to police each other for terrorism.  Their women wouldn't be raped.  They wouldn't have to "thought crime" each other in order to maintain a peaceful multicult.  All a none issue.  Sweden, for its traditional groups of people. There's nothing wrong with that.  France for the French.  England for the English.  Have a moratorium on all immigration, let these nations settle. 

Peasants understand this, it's the oligarchs and the Jews serving each other white sex slaves on private jets and islands that do not.  (Epstein requested white women and rejected black women when he was running his oligarchical sex ring...  racism!  As dumb and degraded as goyim and kosher conservatives are, that's probably the only problem they would have with Jews keeping white sex slaves!  That and the fact that Clinton was involved because that is useful to them politically.  I guess Jews ultimately have a point, white people are pretty stupid.  They're interested in being "fair"/white...  but they're also pretty DUMB sometimes.)      

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