Friday, January 16, 2015

Ramble 1/16

Has anyone ever considered acting like a crazy Muslim and then when the FBI gives them money to buy stuff, just taking it and going on vacation?

I guess they would still come after you and demand a return on their investment. Try to get to you pose in front of the Federal Reserve building in NYC, 33rd Liberty street pretending that you had a bomb in your underpants or whatever.

I'm just saying, everyone knows the "drill" by now so why not try to get ahead of the game? How about a journalist poses as a crazy Muslim and then documents it all by directly uploading everything to the cloud immediately? Then if they got executed or the old execution of a local police officer and "dropped passport" trick was pulled to get the police to do it, at least other peasants would know what happened.

I don't know. But it's time to stop retrospectively reporting and speculating and get ahead of some of the techniques used in the "war on terror" for Zion... I would include Alex "kosher" Jonestown and his team in that. Good work, otherwise. You made dumb peasants realize that "false flags" exist. Now what?

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