Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Small ramble... not even sure I agree with myself sometimes. Still thinking. Read the comments on the linked Youtube... looks like more and more white people have had enough of this Jewish crap.

The curious thing is how long it will take for Jewish voters to stop voting for Democrats who hate Israel.

Establishing multiculturalism in white* nations in order to blend white people out of existence or break ethnic groups down into more manageable and less threatening blocs for oligarchs is a more important goal for many. 

*And it is only whites. The Jewish Left is not working on multiculturalism in Japan or China or even much in Africa now that the usual model of a Mandela/MLK/Obama front was successfully used against the Afrikaners...  as far as I know.  (Apartheid, apartheid, separation!  But uh, we're letting our right wing establish our own, separate, Jewish State.  The usual.)  

I could be wrong.  Kind of ironic that Boehner is this servile to Zionists that pal around with rabbinic racial supremacists talking about the goyim like they're cattle, yet if there's even a rumor that a Republican met with a white lobby group seeking to preserve white European/American heritage then that's HUGE NEWS INC.!!!  Etc.  At least John "cry me a river" Boehner is orange and has little use for white working class Americans, so that's somewhat understandable.  But what is your excuse for supporting Netanyahu and therefore Ovadia Yosef on the one hand while crying about "racist" antisemitism on the other if someone so much as says,  "Multicult, huh?  Well, I'm going to separate myself and my family from that.  So you can keep the "not racist" rainbows that Jesse Jackson sold you... actually you can all shove them you know where for all I care."  ;-)    

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