Monday, January 19, 2015

Ramble 1/19

You could create 100% black police forces and there would still be explosive rates of mass incarceration for African Americans in majority black regions. This is observable At least be aware of what you're asking Asians, Russians, Italians, Irish and others to do when policing any majority black regions in America.. deny their lying eyes and refuse to engage in basic forms of pattern recognition when their lives are at risk.

It's easy for brain dead whites that have already engaged in white flight to sit back and argue that ideally, no one should be prejudiced. That may be so. But if they, themselves, lived by their ideals then they would not have engaged in white flight and built up cities and towns again elsewhere in order to avoid majority black regions. Again, observable facts.

I"m not into magic stigma words like "racism" that white/fair people tend to use when concerned about fairness in an almost pathological way. Call it what you will, so long as you admit to observable facts. As indeed, so-called "white people"/the diverse ethnic groups that make up that group as well as all other ethnic groups in general have already done. You admit to observable facts by your actions, white flight. Not by magic words that seem to have more to do with the moral vanity typical to guilt stricken white/fair people ("racism")... than recurring racial realities.

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