Thursday, January 29, 2015

Probably enough damage for today... sticking this over here.

“Twinkle, twinkle Little Red Star
Who’d have thought you’d fall so far...

They have fallen far enough for "Communists"/Jewish Bolsheviks and the Left wing of Zion in general to begin trying to subvert their own right wing nationalists, it would seem.  And that's pretty far.  

Can a house divided against itself stand? 

You should all consider the electronic footprint that you've left for any American nationalist groups that arise in the future, during a worse banking/"economic" collapse than 2008. 

Think about this from a likely Russian perspective:  "Let's just wait..." 

A Jewish perspective:  "Let's just leave..."  What was his name, Jeffrey Green or something?  He made all his money insider trading with the Tribe Inc. on the sub-prime fiasco.  It's uncanny the way that Goldman Sachs predicts stuff.  Or is it?  Lol. 

This is all kind of pathetic, here's your shabbos goyim for the day:
    The EU should “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member states, the UN’s special representative for migration has said.

    Peter Sutherland told peers the future prosperity of many EU states depended on them becoming multicultural.

    He also suggested the UK government’s immigration policy had no basis in international law.

    He was being quizzed by the Lords EU home affairs sub-committee which is investigating global migration.

    Mr Sutherland, who is non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs International and a former chairman of oil giant BP, heads the Global Forum on Migration and Development, which brings together representatives of 160 nations to share policy ideas.

    He told the House of Lords committee migration was a “crucial dynamic for economic growth” in some EU nations “however difficult it may be to explain this to the citizens of those states”.  EU should 'undermine national homogeneity' says UN migration chief
  Looks like he needs to become business partners with Tom Carper, another shabbos goyim that would tell him that the best way to market immigration is with Christmas.  And the very best way to market immigration according to Tom Carper would be on a white Christmas, no doubt.  (But bombing Syria and ethnically cleansing the Persians/Iranians, that can take place any day now!)

Simple minded, symbolic Hobbits... gah!  I wonder if I used the metaphor of "Hobbit flight" to represent what your Zionist oligarchs intend to do to you with immigration to "keep the economy growing," if that would work. (Economy = bank)

 Because you Hobbits seem to need everything represented in terms of entertainment and stories, as if you're children.    

I'm not sure why I care about simple minded Hobbits and the shires that they keep building after the engage in a sort of "Hobbit flight" from cultural destabilization. 

Yet I do.  Thus the ranting about Goldman Sachs and mysterious "globalists," I suppose. 

For the grown ups and any nationalists of the future that wind up using key words to search this stuff out:  (Economy = banks, generally) 
(Globalists = Jewish oligarchs or their shabbos goy, generally)
(Hobbits = white peasants)

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