Friday, January 23, 2015

Ramble 1/23

Because they don't care about the goy/tribes unless it suits their own tribal interests. Is it good for the Jews is usually what they're interested in. If free speech is good for the Jews, then they support it. If not, then they do not and work to define free speech as hate speech. If immigration and multiculturalism is perceived as being good for the Jews, then most support it. If not, then they do not. (That will probably be the shift being observed in France now.) Yet Jews often expect nationalists to serve them even after they just failed to support and stand with nationalists in the least. They just defamed and degraded them and called everything "hate speech" and turned a blind eye to them getting beat up, etc. But then, "Goyim, we're in trouble from immigration now... save us!"

Ovadia Josef expressed this mentality in Tamudic language but there are secular versions of it also. How about you focus on what is good for France and Europeans and how you might be of service to them? Is loving the goy to the same extent that you love yourselves an anathema? I'm an outsider, I have little interests in this. I'm just saying that standard rabbinic reasoning and secular/cultural versions of the same old double standards are pretty ridiculous. How long can it last? Jews generally just turned a blind eye to nationalists getting beat up and put in prison for "hate speech" for trying to prevent French women from being raped by the "cosmopolitan" and clearly elite sort of multicult that Jews once wanted by supporting immigration. Yet now Jews generally want to shift back ally with nationalists because you want help from European goy?

Well, I guess we'll see how that goes. I don't even really have much use for the French myself. I'm just saying, that double standard never works. "Hey, it seems like we have a history of tragedy or somethin'!"


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