Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ramble 1/20

Not really.  Who supported open immigration while seeking to destabilize nations based on minority/victim politics (kosher: antisemitism, Islamophobia, homophobia,racism..  all directed at one thing, "Nazism" or any form of nationalism among dumb goyim) in order to monetize dumb goyim?  Jews.  There's a mix of dumb goyim that think they're Victims, like dumb Russian peasants following Jewish Bolsheviks to decapitate and murder their own nation. But it's still Jews leading goy to slaughter from the top, no matter how many times they change their names to avoid "antisemitism" and nationalism. 

As a leading rabbis in Israel put their ultimate tribal goal, "We will sit like effendi and eat.  What is the destiny of goy?  To serve us, the chosen race... like donkeys."

Look it up.  That's a direct religious expression of what "secular" and "Soviet" and "neoconservative" or whatever Jews work toward as tribalists transcending the Right vs. Left paradigm.  Ironically they're surpised when goy factions or nationalists openly and honestly "go tribal" against Jews.  (Unlike many Jews, that are dishonest and open goy/Victim front groups to hide behind.)  As if the goy should sit back and be monetized by the Tribe Inc. or made to work like donkeys?  Or worse, sent off or false flagged into wars against other tribes/goyim to slaughter each other like goyim/cattle!

Apparently Jews, including secular Jews that think of themselves as cultural members of a tribe based on rabbinic teachings directly expressed by Israeli rabbis now, honestly think that no goy should be "antisemitic" or do anything at all about their consistent and historical patterns of behavior?   

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