Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Ramble 9/2

Nudists have (stupid) feelings too, so apparently all they need to do is organize.  Is it merely a matter of sniveling about things enough create trends for cultural trendies that are also ruled and defined by their feelings as American civilization declines?  Because if it is then next thing you know he could be supporting creating laws to protect a nudist orientation....  provided enough victimization propaganda, etc. 

The identity politics that are used to create trends in the culture are not rational or humanist.  They don't promote the general welfare or well being for all.  It's merely trendy, entertaining and generally destructive to civilization and therefore "well being" in general.  Results can be off shored for now, due to the reserve status of the petrodollar and the mountains of debt/money that people use to buy into being happy and gay before heading the way of the Dodo or killing themselves.

Or they can invest petrodollars in estrogen treatments to change* from male to female.  But that's about the extent of it.  It's not sustainable.  It's just trendy for now.  If the reserve currency fails then the US government will most likely fail and then scenarios like the Golden Dawn in Greece open up as people look for the forms of masculinity typical to militias, etc.       

 *Small ramble.  In a culture of clueless trendies one can change their sex but never change from gay to straight... because that's impossible.  Is that an absolute in a world of supposed relativity?  Interesting.  Apparently the belief is that one can choose your biology but not your feelings... that are themselves due to the innate characteristics of sex and biology.  In other words, your feelings are oriented in an immutable way to an immutable and biological characteristic in others.  But actually, sex itself is mutable based on... feelings.  Etc.  Probably just happenstance again. 

Because apparently abject rebellion against Nature's God is just the way things emerge from the void by happenstance and emerge from our brains like excrement out the other end.  Imagine that!  Not to mention that whatever happens or can be observed in biology, it's all perfectly predictable based on evolution... as well as the exact opposite too.  In fact, every single thing that has ever been observed in biology has been predicted by evolution.  That's because it's a theory with vast explanatory power, see? 

Its explanatory power is so vast that one can hardly even see it! 

Just kidding.  Sometimes I like imagining things like pseudo-scientists with their unfalsifiable forms of hypothetical goo and the third rate philosophers that seem to like wallowing around in it.  I mean... it's always fun to imagine* things, isn't it?  Well, provided that one doesn't get a bit too carried away and cite your own imagination as the equivalent of a scientific theory.  Or begin to think that merely imagining things about the past has something to do with what can be observed in biology here and now.

*(What you just wrote due to your "ape like" brains?  That's an artifact of the vestigial remains of some ancient ape-like creatures right there.  It's probably because they wanted to mate with each other.  Actually... it's probably the result of the "gill slits" when you were an embryo and your brains got a little jumbled with the gills, by happenstance.  Or something like that.) 

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