Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Stupid is as stupid does...

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Europe to Poland: You can't let them treat us like this, go demand an explanation!
Poland to Russia: Why are you treating us like this?
Russia: Because you are stupid.
Poland: We are not stupid!
Russia, putting hand in front of concrete wall: Yes you are. I'll show you.  Here hit my hand as hard as you can.
Poland rears back and punches at Russia's hand as hard as it can. At the last second Russia pulls their hand away and Poland's fist smashes into the wall getting all bruised and bloodied.
Russia: See, I told you!
Poland goes back to Europe.  
Europe: Well, what did they say?
Poland: They said it's becuase we are stupid
Europe: We are not stupid, how can you let them say that?
Poland, putting its hand in front of its own face: Yes we are, I'll show you. Here hit my hand.

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