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Ramble 9/5

First, you need to recognize the logical defect in conspiracy theories, why they are (rightly) discredited, and why no one listens to or cares about conspiracy theories.

It’s partly due to the fact that an aspect of covert operations (aka conspiracies) is to do something and have it remain “top secret,” at least until everyone involved is dead.

So it’s important to discredit conspiracy theories about Operation This and That and portray them all as equally crazy. That way anyone with shared interests can say, “Conspiracy theory.” So if Operation Gladio type scenarios started to take place on the border in order to frame right wing militias and harm the Right in America, Nobody would “investigate” and conclude that an actual investigation is all just “conspiracy theories.” After all, he’s primed and ready to see the right wing as terrorists anyway. Biden is already calling the Tea Party terrorists, etc. This would all have to be accounted for and go into the game theory through which a highly organized plot could form. Provided no one bungled it. Although they probably would. Not that it would matter, given Nobody’s epistemic inertia. After all, he already knows that the right wing are basically terrists.

Another thing that insiders could do is just make sure that the atrocity and terrorism is big enough and that the initial narrative is set quickly. Rapid disinformation and then let the trendy lemmings settle into their usual Right vs. Left patterns of misinformation to begin calling each other terrorists and so on, never looking at the oligarchic birds of prey above them. After all, that’s too scary. And they’re already terrorized.

Plus some “conspirators” do not have to be witting participants in a conspiracy, depending on their level of intelligence. Are you a conspirator decades later when you argue that the USS Liberty probably deserved to be sunk? No. But you’re a known cultural or tribal sort of pattern, so you can be counted on to at least try to turn a blind eye. And here you are, going beyond the call of duty.
People working in the corporate media can also be trended, given that many are already trendy crackheads and careerists with no use for actual investigative journalism:

Wisner recruited Philip Graham from The Washington Post to run the project within the industry. According to Deborah Davis in Katharine the Great; “By the early 1950s, Wisner ‘owned’ respected members of The New York Times, Newsweek, CBS and other communications vehicles.”[3]
In 1951, Allen W. Dulles persuaded Cord Meyer to join the CIA. However, there is evidence that he was recruited several years earlier and had been spying on the liberal internationalist organizations he had been a member of in the late 1940s.[4] According to Deborah Davis, Meyer became Mockingbird’s “principal operative.”[5] –Wikipedia Operation Mockingbird. Operation This, Operation That. These days, I guess it would have to be Operation Freedumb, huh? Anderson Cooper, on the job! Etc. Speaking of him, apparently Sandy Hook has been compartmentalized and classified after people were terrorized there… nothing to see, move along:

1. Who directed the New Haven Federal Bureau of Investigation field office to classify the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting (SHES)? 2. Why and for what reason would the FBI classify the SHES shooting when they did not classify the Columbine shooting which also was an Active Shooter Mass Casualty Incidents (AS/MCI)?
3. Who on was the Incident Commander as required by the Federal Emergency Management Agency in directing the AS/MCI at SHES?
• Who at the Incident Command Center made the ordering of Port-A-Potties a high priority since they were delivered within three hours of the school shooting? ….
• When I called the Port-A-Pottie company, after searching for over a week as to who they were and when they were ordered, I was told this information was classified and they are not allowed to share that information with me. Link
Now the Port-A-Potties are apparently top secret too????
Seriously. And you guys are still talking about 911 and how to prevent another 911. Lol.
Apparently no one but the crazy conspiracy theorists are “crazy” enough to be capable of asking any questions about anything. All the crackheads and trendies in the corporate media are apparently too busy hoping that an official source takes a leak on them to actually investigate anything. Given this situation I guess it’s a good thing that covert operations are all in the past and everyone involved is probably dead, huh? Otherwise one might begin to think that covert operations (aka conspiracies) might be ongoing to this day.
In any event, the process of declassifying old conspiracies continues… and then it’s no longer a conspiracy theory because it’s a “conspiracy fact.” Which is why it’s silly to go into defense lawyer mode (and not a very good one) over Operation Northwoods.
But as you keep saying about Operation Northwoods, apparently declassification happens once rich and powerful people are all dead. (Peasants can be forgiven for wondering exactly whose security, “national” security is about.)
Among many other defects, conspiracy theories substitute POSSIBILITY for PROOF.
You seem to be conflating your own theories about the influence of Bormann’s Nazi gold in politics (as opposed to the FACTS about AIPAC and Zionist ponzi, etc.) and the supposed Muslim Manchurian (As opposed to the FACT that his first chief of staff served in the IDF, etc.) candidate… with better and more verifiable theories based on facts and evidence.
You often substitute possibilities for proof and evidence when trying to make a case, like a lawyer. And with respect to evidence, where is your evidence that the joint chiefs didn’t want war with Cuba and therefore didn’t really want to stage terrorist attacks like they kept saying they did?

“The Joint Chiefs of Staff believe that the United States can undertake military intervention in Cuba without risk of general war” he continued. “They also believe that the intervention can be accomplished rapidly enough to minimize communist opportunities for solicitation of UN action.” However; what Lemnitzer was suggesting was not freeing the Cuban people, who were largely in support of Castro, but imprisoning them in a U.S. military-controlled police state. “Forces would assure rapid essential military control of Cuba,” he wrote. “Continued police action would be required.” Concluding, Lemnitzer did not mince words: “[T]he Joint Chiefs of Staff recommend that a national policy of early military intervention in Cuba be adopted by the United States. They also recommend that such intervention be undertaken as soon as possible and preferably before the release of National Guard and Reserve forces presently on active duty.” Link
Has some memo been declassified that reads: “We were all just kidding around to avoid a war.”
The actual evidence all seems to align with an actual theory, as opposed to your own conspiracy theory that they were all secretly conspiring to actually avoid war:

Because of the secrecy and illegality of Operation Northwoods, all details remained hidden for forty years. Lemnitzer may have thought that all copies of the relevant documents had been destroyed; he was not one to leave compromising material lying around. Following the Bay of Pigs debacle, for example, he ordered Brigadier General David W Gray, Craig’s predecessor as chief of the Cuba project within the JCS, to destroy all his notes concerning Joint Chiefs actions and discussions during that period. Gray’s meticulous notes were the only detailed official records of what happened within the JCS during that time. According to Gray, Lemnitzer feared a congressional investigation and therefore wanted any incriminating evidence destroyed. With the evidence destroyed, Lemnitzer felt free to lie to Congress. [....]
Even after Lemnitzer lost his job, the Joint Chiefs kept planning “pretext” operations at least into 1963. Among their proposals was a deliberately create a war between Cuba and any of a number of .n American neighbors. This would give the United States military an excuse to come in on the side of Cuba’s adversary and get rid of “A contrived ‘Cuban’ attack on an OAS [Organization of Americas] member could be set up,” said one proposal, “and the attacked state could be urged to ‘take measures of self-defense and request ice from the U.S. and OAS; the U.S. could almost certainly obtain necessary two-thirds support among OAS members for collective action against Cuba.”
Among the nations they suggested that the United States secretly were Jamaica and Trinidad-Tobago. Both were members of the Commonwealth; thus, by secretly attacking them and then blaming Cuba, the United States could lure England into the war Castro. The report noted, “Any of the contrived situations de above are inherently, extremely risky in our democratic system in which security can be maintained, after the fact, with very great difficulty. If the decision should be made to set up a contrived situation it be one in which participation by U.S. personnel is limited only to the most highly trusted covert personnel. This suggests the infeasibility of the use of military units for any aspect of the contrived situation.” Ib.
All of that aside, most Cubans would probably have been better off with the establishment of a McCuba Inc. and incorporation in the Israeli/American Empire.
At least for a while… who knows what the future holds?

Because American peasants are already feeling it some.

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