Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Rambling about local blogs...


Do "schools" in America even teach the trivium anymore?   Probably not.  Look at all these people... they are the best political animals (and pets, like Coons!) that the American oligarchy has to offer after they're groomed in supposedly elite schools and so forth.  Little wonder that the clueless peasants below have been getting rather restless with their ruling class in recent years.

Looking to Obama as a person with god-like intelligence that would make everything better (Without liberals putting aside being trendy to actually try to tell the truth* about 911, etc.) was just another aspect of their progressively growing stupidity.

*Trendy... for instance, still waiting on the Pentagon to reveal geoengineering and weather weapons as the problem/reaction/solution to liberal ideas about "climate change.  They've already begun trickling some information out merging the War Inc. on terror with "climate change."  Meanwhile progressives seem to be once again acting like some witless form of controlled opposition.  Apparently they don't want to be too much like "conspiracy theorists" and only a little bit "crazy" based on a "suckle on the teat of Mother Earth"/Leftist perspective where the feminine is idolized (Not half so subtly and "nuanced" as they imagine, either.) .  So they trend along in that direction, usually pretty much thoroughly controlled by trends of information in the corporate.gov/media.mil...  and then they wonder why all their hope for change turns into hopium without much, if any, real "change."  What did you expect, a free solar powered pony?  Is that what your military industrial complex and multinational corporations are running on or policing the world based on?  Progressives couldn't even focus on the facts of Operation Iraqi Liberation/OIL, when foreign interests hijacked your military industrial complex for their own ends and transitioned from the "Cold War" to the "War on Terror."   It's supposed to be a new epoch of war in a New American Century.  If you're into that sort of thing. 

Apparently all trendy progressives can do is point to conservatives and argue that's another whole realm of basically being clueless. But seriously, so what?  Delaware Liberal and Delaware Politics should merge...  after all, what are you really disagreeing about?  (Biden's supposed nudism... wow...  just when one would think that it couldn't get any more useless, local conservatives and progressives begin debating the supposed nudism of Joe "the buffoon" Biden.  Is he a buffoon or is that just an act?  If all the world is a stage and the show must go on, does it matter?) 

Conservatives want to borrow ponzi into existence out of nothing from a private banking cartel to spend on the military to nation build in Israel (mainly) and other nations (Where what they do looks suspiciously like nation destroying.  Was that Operation Freedumb and Dumbocracy* or Operation Fooled Again?)  Progressives want to borrow ponzi into existence out of nothing to nation build in their own nation, supposedly.  But then it turns out that they do not do that and usually can rather easily be terrorized back into nation destroying in the name of nation building, due to the "war on terror."  (They'll probably be passing another "patriot act" soon enough.  After all, for progressives and conservatives these days...  patriotism is an act.  More entertainment.)                  

*Progressives and conservatives may say or think,  "If only he wasn't anti-Semitic..  If only he wasn't Islamophobic.  If only he didn't criticize Christian Zionism.  If only he wasn't so anti-American.  f only this fellow wasn't sarcastic.  If only he was nice, then I might agree.... or somethin'."  Keep telling yourselves that.  You're the people supporting starving over 500,000 Iraqi children to death and so forth based on supporting "Operation Oops" bringing them yet more Freedumb and Dumbocracy.  So there is all that going on in the background, to this day.  (Still waiting on Israel to contribute to bombing ISIS in their "war on terror" in the region.  Have they signed on to the coalition to bomb Iraq, once again, yet?) 

Anyway, it seems to me that a little sarcasm won't kill any of you. 

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