Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Joel Rosenberg?

Pretty sure this is the same guy that wrote this article:
Joel C. Rosenberg, has a rather nuanced view of the peace process. Rosenberg, the founder of The Joshua Fund — whose operating motto is “Pray for peace, but prepare for war” — maintained on his blog that despite the previous failures at reaching an accord, “we should not write off this possibility [of peace] too quickly.”
    Rosenberg, a Jew who converted to Christianity more than 30 years ago, was a mostly behind-the-scenes figure in the conservative movement until his first novel, The Last Jihad, became a New York Times bestseller. Over the years, he has worked for former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli politician Natan Sharansky, US business magazine magnate Steve Forbes, and right-wing radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh. He is also a former Heritage Foundation staffer.
    Rosenberg appears to believe that if peace deal is concluded, it will not contradict Biblical...
  “Meanwhile,” writes Rosenberg, the Likud Party’s Benjamin Netanyahu, a close ally/friend of U.S. Christian Zionists, “is waiting in the wings, talking tough on Gaza and Iran, saying Olmert should strike hard and fast with ‘disproportionate force’ against Palestinian terrorists.” Netanyahu said that “In a war of attrition the enemy strikes and you react, the enemy strikes harder and you retaliate harder. This gradual increase in violence is the antithesis of deterrence….Deterrence always means using disproportionate force. We need to move from a concept of attrition to one of tough deterrence that will eventually lead to the removal of the Hamas regime, because as long as it exists it will continue arming itself and continue its attacks.”  ....
Rosenberg’s Joshua Fund is organizing a conference slated for April 10 in Jerusalem to celebrate Israel’s 60th anniversary. According to Rosenberg, the purpose of the conference is “to educate people as to the serious threats facing the Jewish State and their neighbors, mobilize Christians around the world to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and provide
humanitarian relief to the poor and needy and those suffering from war and terrorism.”  Link
  What's the point of him working to inspire "values voters"?  It would seem that an aspect of it is to get Team America to go to war for Israel again.  And that means more veterans coming home and killing themselves and so on.  When is Israel going to bomb ISIS, again?  When will they "stand with America"?   

Not that the Democrats are any better.  In fact, they're arguably worse because their brand of Zionist usually runs in the name of peace, humanism, equality, anti-racism and being "antiwar."  Seriously.  They're anti-racists and anti-war?  Chuck "strangle the Palestinians" Schumer or who? 

Pathetic.  Still waiting on people getting tired of voting for the current collection of hypocrites and criminals, etc.  Perhaps it's best that many Republicans are merely patriotically courageously clueless, sort of like  Rosenberg and Wade.   But what's the excuse for Democrats that run on being anti-nationalist (while supporting the establishment of a racist state), anti-war (while voting for War Inc.) and farting rainbows (gay marriage and abortion, as bankers loot the value out of anything they trickle down on their lemmings anyway)?  

SSM is marketed to Democrats and the clueless single woman vote.  But then it turns out that you don't have a job and your savings have been looted. Duh.

War Inc. and the big businesses of Zion are marketed to "values voters," yet then it turns out that your veterans are killing themselves after coming home to closed open air war memorials and they've been sacrificed for foreign interests.  Again, duh.

But it would seem that this is the way that people want things.  The idea that someone is getting a free rainbow is more important than the fact that they are not.  The idea of heroism and courage and a "band of brothers" is more important than the fact that patriotic nationalists are coming home to become homeless and killing themselves while international bankers are bailed out.  Why is this the way that things are?  Apparently this is the way that people want them to be, as they value the theatrical production of a show (the media, politicians) more than reality (money and power, etc.). 

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