Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Diane Feinstein

Diane Feinstein, who sits on the Senate Intelligence committee, was quite good on her Meet the Press appearance.

Dianne Feinstein: Obama “Too Cautious” On ISIS

I realize that most people here are so degraded that they don't even care about having their own national interests represented first, second and third...  but is Diane Feinstein a dual citizen?  Was Netanyahu "too cautious" on ISIS when he said not to bomb them because the enemy of his enemies is his friend?   

And why didn't Diane "Mr. and Mrs. America, turn in your guns... because I want to give them to Islamists!" Feinstein go to the corporate media and rabble rouse for bombings when ISIS was traveling in easily bombed convoys....   if she's known for decades that they would kill with abandon? 

Apparently it's now, once Netanyahu's "When the enemy of your enemy is fighting, leave them be." rabid dog is apparently jerking at its leash too far that Zionists like Feinstein show up in the corporate media to market their war on terror again.  Where were they when Syrians were getting their hearts eaten? 

And this psychopathic husk of a person is apparently being interviewed by Andrea Michell, the wife of Alan Greenspan... is this an internal debate among Zionists about how best to manage the goyim/tribes?  What's next on Feinstein's agenda, a "hard hitting" interview with Wolf "AIPAC lobbyist" Blitzer over at CNN?  Internal dialogues.  That's all you seem to be being entertained by.  Aren't you curious about what's really happening in the world, though? 

The irony of it is that it's not just Arab tribes that oligarchic Zionists are interested in managing. They want to manage you too.    Feinstein in that interview, if it can be called that:  "I sat on the intelligence committee since before 911."  Indeed.  You did, didn't you? 

Andrea Mitchell is not an investigative journalist, apparently she's more of a public relations representative for a multinational tribe and the multinational corporations that "the 1%" own and operate.

Indeed Feinstein she is well-versed on her task and she impresses me with her span of knowledge.

At least Zionists like you in "the base" (Not flushed like the toilet of Arab goyim yet, shew.) wind up being right about the need to kill some Arab goyim/"sons of camels" now and again.  It's true.  They are terrible and their cultures are usually backward, tribal and generally crazy.  So there is that.  So now you're going to recommend sharing intelligence with the Syrian air force and support strong secular Arab nations in the region, right?  No?  The enemy of your enemy isn't your frenemy?  Waiting on Netanyahu and Feinstein to tell you what to do?    

Anyway, the philosophy of gathering Islamic terrorists into organizations like "Al Qaeda"/the toilet and then deciding to flush the toilet might even be correct at times.  HOWEVER, before this point*.... Zionists like John McCain let a rabid dog run wild in the region on purpose. 

*(Where your own president is said to be weak or tripping over his own red lines and so on as in the Syria/Iran debacle of a pretext of a prelude to bombing.  Supposedly we're supposed to celebrate because Jewish/mainstream media is finally allowing carefully handled "Well Andrea, I wouldn't quite say that!" attacks on Obama into "mainstream" news.)

How could you know that "Rabid dog on a leash... and now running wild..." is basically what they did, just as easily as I do?  Because Zionists just told you not to bomb but then it turns out that American Zionists are supposed to bomb the "sons of camels" later.  Duh.  Not to mention that they've written strategy papers about it, etc.  (That's strategery, for those of you that apparently like coming home to your closed open air war memorials.  Not enough debt/money for the veterans or to keep your own war memorials open.  But there's billions available for Israel and bombs and trying to manage the Arab goyim in the MidEast.  Let's watch Andrea Mitchell interview Alan Greenspan as to why that is next.... from the bedroom? Shiver.)   

Seriously.  Does Andrea Mitchell supposedly "interviewing" Diane Feinstein really look like anything other than a controlled internal dialogue to anyone? 

Imagine Andrea Mitchell going outside of her oligarchic culture to ask:  "What do you think about arming and strengthening Assad in order to stop ISIS and protect Syrian Christians from terrorists?"  Or perhaps:  "What do you think about securing America's borders, building a wall like Israel's over the border and into Mexico... and generally leaving others alone in order to focus on nation building in American cities?"   Or perhaps Feinstein going outside of her cultural box to say:  "Well Andrea, why don't you ask Alan Greenspan if he thinks that enough money can be created out of nothing to finance a wall to protect Americans from your war of terror?"

Etc.  Andrea Mitchell is not an investigative journalist and it's doubtful that Diane "Mr. and Mrs. America, turn in your guns." Feinstein even identifies with Mr. and Mrs. American.  Yet you expect to know the truth about what's going on in the world based on the corporate media and culturally internal/controlled dialogues like that?  (I had to look it up on Youtube. ) 

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