Thursday, September 11, 2014

Delaware Liberal and the national myth of 911

Their perspective:
...let’s make a point of remembering those who gave their lives in a misguided war that used 9/11 as an excuse — a war that we still find ourselves cleaning up after.  Link

Shrug.  At least they get it partially right.  Maybe that counts for something, although it doesn't seem to count for anything.

If they could stop hitting the hopium then they'd focus on the utterly bungled anthrax attacks through which Zionists meant to link Iraq to 911 in order to carry out their geopolitical plans for the MidEast.  Misguided?  Try fraudulent.

With respect to the geopolitical plans of Zionists, that's a process that is continuing to this day.  At least they're too scared to try anything as significant as the anthrax attacks now.  (The fact that they were bungled might have something to do with that.)  Although if any sort of a suitable pretext for their "special interests" in War Inc. arose, like the WMDs in Syria or ISIS... then that will do for now. 

The web is sticky and significant "changes" may be on the horizon, so let the record show where Delaware Liberal stood on the issue of 911 truth and justice.

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