Thursday, September 18, 2014

Meh, started rambling... 9/18

National sovereignty must be eliminated, as has essentially already happened in Europe. Within a few decades, the native Englishman will be a minority in his own country.

Maybe the Englishman.  Although he will be expected to support a rather "non-multicultural" (Preemptive kill them!  Etc.) form of Jewish nationalism, ironically.  It's actually a little pathetic to see the usual trends unfold in different cultural petri dishes.  The usual course of events seem to wind up with the goyim turning "antisemitic" enough to want their own forms of tribalism and nationalism again, especially when they figure out that many of the people leading the charge to globalism (capitalism) and internationalism (communism) practice their own form of tribalism. 

I'm not saying it is right or wrong, only that tribalism doesn't seem to be going anywhere.   Even for Europeans.  The trends with respect to eliminating national sovereignty and nationalism in favor of the special interests of oligarchic international networks in Europe:

(Ukip's rise in the east of England: a world turned upside down)
(How Ukip's support has been evolving...)
(ANALYSIS: Could UKIP Win Up to 40 Seats in 2015?) 

(Scottish Independence: What? - The Atlantic)
(Scottish independence vote puts British leaders on the line) 

(Far-right National Front at 'gates of power' in France...)
(Support for France's National Front on the Rise...)
(New poll: Le Pen would defeat Hollande in France election...) 

Facts, versus:  National sovereignty must be eliminated, as has essentially already happened in Europe.


Many people have already stopped listening to oligarchs and Jews and apparently want their own forms of nationalism too.  Not that they'll make a religion out of tribalism.  But isn't the trend toward nationalism and not away from it?  Even in America, books have already begun to appear and so on...    

Of course, the left-wing media will tell him that “diversity is our strength.”

If the owners of the corporate media honestly believed that then they wouldn't keep censoring what goes on in the establishment of a "Jewish State" and within Jewish culture.  If Donald "I'm not a racist." Sterling and the owners of the tribes/teams that provide entertainment   

For example:How To Kill Goyim And Influence People -- Torat Ha'melech

After all, diversity would be their strength so they should be forced to do away with the forms of discrimination and racism or the "establishment of religion" (taking place on the side) upon which many are building a state.

Ironically, diversity may indeed be strength...  

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