Thursday, August 28, 2014

IMF Ramble

Small ramble on the IMF:  Occult Message in Speech by Christine Lagarde of IMF 

There is no message in it other than the fact that she's into the occult and the Kabbalah enough to know some of the games with numbers being run out of 33rd Liberty Street.  There actually is something to synchronicity and so on but that doesn't mean that some random Youtuber is going to be able to predict anything successfully.  If they could predict fortunes, then they could make a fortune.  

Notice how Lagarde doesn't feel the need to run an ad saying:  "I'm not a witch." anymore then Sumner Redstone of MTV feels the need to have the artists he owns deny how they've been incorporated in celebrating Kabbalah?  Ironically, Lagarde is actually into the craft of the Cabal Inc. and wants to work magic with ponzi like some sort of financial Wizard of Oz, etc.  Into the craft, yet no marketing along the lines of:  "I'm not a witch."   

That's because that would be stupid, see?

With respect to hidden meanings as we head toward the "externalization of the hierarchy" before heading the way of the Dodo, this usually applies:
"Are you so dull?"  Mark 7:18

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