Thursday, January 14, 2016

The English man?

Are you of English descent?  Just curious. 

Because they've been cucking up the place for centuries, all the way back to the Opium Wars that they fought for Jews.  Many didn't even realize they were stupid cucks, apparently. No leader has ever told the absolute truth all the time.

But Hitler pretty much let the English go, probably because they're White/Europeans.  He certainly knew that the common folk/Volk weren't getting the truth from the "international" media.  Or perhaps an accurate translation of what he was saying. 

But it may be that some people are just too witless and stupid, even after it's all exposed by an international internet where everyone (including the Tribe) leaves an electronic footprint.  I think it was that drunk Churchhill that said if people trip over the truth, most will dust themselves off and carrry on as if nothing had happened. 

He would have known.

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