Friday, January 29, 2016

Conspiracy theory and observable facts... or why so-called "conspiracy theorist" cartoons are usually correct, even if they're imagining a "Master Mind" or form of central intelligence that doesn't actually exist.

The occupation is more of a social superorganism than a ruling junta. Even without executive types like Barack Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu, ((((George Soros)))), Hillary Clinton, the Bush family, the Rockefeller family, or institutions like NATO, the Bilderberg Group, AIPAC, the ADL, the SPLC or any other number of people or organizations you can name that seem to fulfill the Protocols trope, there would still be thousands and likely millions of people on the full scale of Western society working together deliberately, coincidentally or incidentally towards the same interests that run contrary to those of the White majority of Europe and the Anglo settler colonies. There is a kind of distributed intelligence created by individual government executives, business executives, NGOs, lobbyists, politicians, journalists, bureaucrats and state employees, celebrities, bloggers, human resources departments, academics, educators, diversity compliance… you get the idea. The notion that society is centrally directed from the top-down has become increasingly inaccurate in an era of memes, digitization, globalization and mass media. There are undoubtedly power centers, but also power nodes and conduits which may or may not actively work with one another. A large bulk of dedicated people believe in the memes of diversity, anti-racism (combating White ethnocentrism), increasing the size and scope of the government, disarming the population, and so forth. These people never have to meet with one another and establish best practices or discuss strategy to spread or enforce these ideas, they just do it. Your organs never ask one another to keep you alive. They just do or don’t.

An Occupied Country

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