Friday, January 29, 2016

Ramble 1/29

Trump is not a conservative and does not have the temperament to be President say most conservative leaders.

They're failures. They continually refuse to "conserve" the indigenous ethnic groups living in America, beginning with the historic American nation.  We're moving toward conserving people and nations.  They're globalists pretending to conserve abstractions while debating tax rates and "economic units," as Nitpicker once put it.

Why not have the Chinese immigrate/invade and take over the entire West coast?  You'd have to dream a lot.  Dream of content of individual character, without any regard for conserving arts/cultures/kin/nations/people.  While you conservatives that don't actually conserve much at all are dreaming or preening morally about how tolerant you are, the entire country just changed while ethnic mafias arise.  Hypothetical scenarios aside, the ethnic and racial inversion of cuckservatives is getting more and more clear in reality.  In the suppression of a perfectly natural and reasonable love for your own kin/tribe/family as a group, you're progressively vicious and allow violence against your own group.  This is "conservatives" that do this.  Inverts.

There's been a lot of talk here over the years about Real Conservatives and all this crazy stuff.  I think this is the answer.  It was this simple all along.  A conservative wants to conserve their family values, their tribe/kin and people and do what is best for them.  Not some other group that people get off on otherizing.  Not Chinese.  Not Eskimos.  They can align with you if it's in their ethnic interests to do so.  But you should be your own man.  That's a real conservative.  The rest is all the "in name only" stuff.       

 The National Review edition pulling together 2 dozen leaders who agreed with their long held contention.

National Review Against Donald Trump - Rebutted!

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