Friday, January 15, 2016


From Delaware Liberal: 

Steven Stromberg writes about how negative the tone was:

With only a few weeks left before the first primary contests, the GOP race has devolved into a competition for who can squeeze the most political advantage out of voter fear, no matter how over-the-top they sound and no matter how much damage they do by darkening the national mood. Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.) “won” the latest round of this increasingly disgusting show, with Donald Trump and Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) coming in second. But being the most effective at exaggerating the dangers the country faces and preying on voter anger is not an achievement; it is a moral failure. [...]

It don’t think it is possible to be a member of the GOP base and be a patriot. To be a member of the GOP base requires you to be a bigoted fascist. America goes to war against bigoted fascists. It does not call them patriots.  

Humorous how nervous Jews are that their goy golem isn't going to do whatever it's told.

Delaware Dem: "Line them up and shoot them!"

"Go to war!"

Etc.  That's a lot of rainbow love, huh?

He's not like the MSM/Jews he keeps citing as supposed authorities.  It's all about the tone, you know. 

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