Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Racial rant...

Racism has become a word that murderers and people that want to incite hate crimes against our kith and kin have run into the ground. 

So I call this a racial rant against the collection of witless wonders running Delaware Politics.  LOL.  Good grief.  It's pretty entertaining.

I didn't even read all of it:

Rick January 7, 2016 at 07:39 “Despite your bulls#!t faux-outrage, the simple fact is that you can’t refute the quotes he provides because the quotes are real; they are on record.”
That’s exactly the problem:
1) If Mynym or Watts wanted to actually have a dialogue to exchange ideas and gain understanding, in my opinion, that would be good (although perhaps under an appropriate thread or open thread).
The problem is that he (like most such people) is not actually having a discussion.


Mr. Moseley is saying that?


Here's the real problem, they want their own observable facts.  Not theories.  Not debate.  It's when one points out that Jews can be observed saying that they are engaged in an international conspiracy to dominate and subjugate the goyim that these goys start talking about how they need to be able to make money and monetize their seemingly worthless blog as a pretext to police the discussion.

The Time of Israel, JTA and the Jews leaving an electronic footprint on all social media like Youtube and other sites are not a part of a vast "antisemitic conspiracy" created out of nothing by "antisemites."  (I.e. anyone capable of questioning or criticizing Jewish customs.)  It's an observable fact that Jews are generally doing what they have always done, just like so-called "conspiracy theorists" of the past said.  Just like Jesus said, Martin Luther, etc.

Note, Jesus was killed.  Other "antisemites" were portrayed as craaaazy haters, terrorists.  And so forth.  Yet now when given the opportunity to see for themselves what is occurring around them to this day these useless, witless cowards still can't see it. 

That's because they have their eyes closed, not because Jewish behavior cannot be observed.

It's not even a "theory" that Jews following their customs, traditions or secular versions of the same old habits will begin to subjugate and monetize the goyim... let alone some craaaaaazy/antisemitic/racist/xenophobic/nativist/phobic/homophobic/Islamophobic/blah, blah, blah... "theory." 

2) I or others prove his quotes wrong — or more frequently the INTERPRETATION that he wants to put n them wrong.

That's bullshit.  

Sephardi leader Yosef: Non-Jews exist to serve Jews ... - JTA 

That's just one example.  That is just making what is already occurring based on secular variants of their old customs and traditions as a supposedly oppressed "minority" group explicit. 
  1. Mynym Watts’s comments will no longer be allowed on my posts.
    The same goes for spurious complaints from his supporters who cry “censorship” every time his off-topic rants are removed. They are a waste of time , a form of harassment and they undermine the site’s journalistic inegrity. Consequently, they will be eliminated.
    My task is to write informative articles and commentary — NOT to provide an open graffiti wall for every racist and antisemite in cyberspace, especially when their comments are irrelevant to the articles and their subject matter.

The site's journalistic integrity?????  Defined by Mr. "whites are lynching blacks" Ayotte? ;-)

My main point about this crazy blog, we all already have kosher media. Or "politically correct" media in which a majority of the world is incited to hate people of European descent.  We already had Delaware Liberal, citing Jew after Jew while demanding that white people be called terrorists and killed.   Surprise!  You think that they'd ever say: "Line all Jews up and shoot them!"  like they did about Republicans?  Do you think they'd say that Jewish nationalist groups are terrorists, like they do the NRA?  Have they demanded that the ranchers in Oregon be killed yet?  If they were gay cowboys, then they'd love them.  There's a reason for this.  And it's Jewish influence.

 Delaware Politics at its foundation (Don't criticize or even identify Jews/"minorities"... but according to our journalistic integrity: In Delaware, Whites Lynch Negros!!!)  no different than the media that our kin already hate.

Ironically it's actually the African MAN at Delaware Politics (hated by Mitch Crane, a Jew) that seems least likely to incite hate crimes against white people. Despite the way he seems to allow some transparently anti-white hate posts and censorship of a defense of our people so on, apparently it's actually the old white guys that are the main enemies of my kin.

Mr. Ayotte should be deported back to France or somewhere... apparently. But if an equally witless cuck like Joe "Tea Party is terrorists" Biden gets his way, then an unrelenting stream of immigration will surround him with foreign ethnic groups right here anyway.   Just imagine how they will have to police themselves to be politically correct (lobotomizing basic forms of pattern recognition) then.  Witless.

Truth is, all these guys will be dead soon enough though. So our children will have to spit on their graves and eventually write the history (Not in the colleges that our ancestors built. But perhaps on the internet and in our minority white communities, etc.) of what these degenerates did to the country that our ancestors once founded, fought and died for.

They didn't do that for Eskimos or all the diversity in the entire world, they did that for their families and posterity/us.      

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