Thursday, January 14, 2016

Judith Bergman, Jewess instructing Europeans...

She should focus on her own Tribe and their lunatic actions.

They did this to Europe/Europeans because a group of Europeans/Germans resisted Jewish supremacy in the past.  You can't remove "racism"/nationalism, leaving people defenseless in their minds, and then expect that it will not have results.  It was only a matter of time before someone like Merkel came to power. 

"First the Jews came for the Germans while pretending that they didn't do anything at all..  but I said nothing because I was not a German.  But actually, I am of European descent... so then I decided to say something about it!"  Lol.

All Europeans and European derived countries (Australia/America too, although they're generally still a bit more rugged.) are now subject to a hostile ruling class that hates their own "racist"/people and would like to diversify them and their "racist" desire to continue existing as an ethnic group out of existence.

It's interesting to juxtapose Japan to what was/is being done to Germany.  Whatever else they're doing and did during WWII, they generally still have their ethnic identity.  They still have the only thing that matters, their minds and culture and sense of themselves existing as a group.  So it wasn't only a matter of time until a Japanese leader came in and tried to diversify the Japanese out of existence.  Probably because despite their atrocities in WWII, there haven't been hundreds of movies made by Jews about how they represent villians and Absolute Evil.  Etc.etc.

Anyone that can say the word "Jew" in a critical way (Critical Theory 101: for the Jews Themselves!) has a world of knowledge open up to them.   That's why you're not allowed to say the word Jew unless the ADL/SPLC says that it's kosher love speech and not a hate speech.  Ultimately, it probably all goes back to those hundreds... or perhaps even thousands of WWII movies and TV shows and the cartoon Uberman/Superman of Team America, Cuck Yeah and so on.  The "Greatest Generation" liked all that.  They liked it when Jews made good movies about them.  But that ended. 

No one in the dumbocrazies that "won" WWII has ever been allowed to be a real critic of all the "good movies" and the "good war."  After all, if criticism and free speech was allowed then they wouldn't have "won" the war that justifies their own descendants being diversified out of existence...  in the countries that they "won" the war for!  Perhaps too many people died for the victors to turn a critical eye on what actually happened in the "Good War" that justifies all these other wars in which "another Hitler" cartoon is defeated by Team Superman America.

"Fool me once, shame on you...  fool me, uh... a fool can't get fooled again!"  --George W.

Still thinking and trying to figure out what the hell explains this behavior.  But look, Jeb Bush is saying that he would like to kill Hitler as a baby (a representative of European nationalism) and he argues that immigration is an act of love or something.  Plus, apparently he married a Mexican midget to prove his point...  whatever is going on here, it all seems a bit silly! 

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