Friday, January 29, 2016

Anthony Migchels...

Look how they gloat, our masters: 'the end of an era......for white males.'
You can also read constant editorials like this in the homo/tranny/feminist filth of the Slate/Salon/Alternet nexus mind controlling the Left.

Decades of all out war on white men has taken a heavy toll indeed. White men are the main obstacle to consolidation of World power in World Government, and we're now entering the mopping up stage of a long, and one sided battle.

Because white men have not fought back.

They have been spiritually destroyed with Atheism and porn/sex addiction. Most white men don't even realize that they are the object of a long term, multi faceted campaign to destroy their standing, not only in the world, but in their own countries.

Most likely the deed was already done in the carnage of the First and Second World War. An entire generation of European men was wiped out in the first round, Hitler and Stalin destroyed another generation of Russian and German men.

Since this nonsensical, suicidal carnage, a great defeatism has come over white men. They basically bowed to whatever the Ultra Rich and their Jews threw at them. Feminism, sodomy, mass immigration, porn, atheism, and of course Capitalism and Communism.

Sadly, white women have played an unforgettable role in destroying their sons and husbands. They even relinquished their 'raison d'etre': having more white kids. White populations, women included, are crashing all over the West, in Europe particularly.

Brain dead Muslims and Blacks are probably happy about this state of affairs, and it's hard to blame them. The Jew has worked through the white men in oppressing them, and Jews have organized Black antagonism against whitey since the days of the NAACP, founded and headed by Jews for decades.
But in truth, the reason whitey is genocided first, is because the Jews don't expect many problems with the rest.

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