Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Some local crap...

I think the Trump camp made a tactical error by letting the clown show, which is Sarah Palin, connect herself with the campaign. I don’t think it will help him all that much in the primary, and it may actually hurt him in the general.

This is actually a good analysis, surprisingly enough. 

[Because he already has the white people of "varying" levels of intelligence that Palin represents, blah, blah... all that needed to be said.]

Another important demographic where Trump could make a potential tactical error if he’s not careful, is with the African American community.

Absolutely stupid.

Leave them, they don't matter.  There's a vanishingly small minority that may realize that their interests align with those of European Americans through the haze of an anti-white Jewish/"minority" mainstream media.  Maybe explicitly or implicitly point that out and keep emphasizing it. 

Remember that you don’t just get the black votes when the African American community is accepting of a candidate….You also get the benefit of independents and Democratic Party white voters, who are on the fence about Hillary, and will vote for Trump solely on the fact that a decent percentage of African American voters are OK with Trump.

This magical African stuff is silly.  There are a small minority of inverted white "supremacists" that are into save the African noble lion savage stuff.  But they're already voting for the Jew, Sanders.  Trying to play on that dynamic among white people is stupid.  So as a Jewish analyst of the tribes/goyim, you're fired.

... is going to be waiting with bated breath for Trump to do or say anything at all that could jeopardize his popularity in the African American community.


All he has to do is focus on the European American community.

It's always been that simple.  So if he doesn't do it, then some other leader may.  If he takes Jewish advice like this, then he's going to cuck the place up again.  And that's exactly what people of European descent are totally tired of, even if the majority of them are too dumb to realize that they like it when their ethnic interests are represented.  (Just like Jews/Arabs/Chinese/Japanese/Hispanics/etc.etc. all already have their ethnic interests represented and lobby for themselves as groups.  Trump is heading that direction, no surprise that white people like it.  But Jewish advice?  Focus group on some other group.  WRONG.)   

Trump has to be very careful about what he says...

Again, this advice to European Americans is wrong.

Why is it wrong?  Well, who is giving this advice? 
 If he is perceived to be sided more with “the boys in blue” rather than, let’s say, “Black Lives Matter”, and what not, he will most likely be branded non sympathetic , and a racist...

 He's already made the correct decision.  Ironically it's not politically correct... and yet, it is correct... politically!  Lol.  He's either rejecting Jewish advice like this or he has some Jews that are actually intelligent analysts working for him.

Fuck the way that Europeans are always being called racists by "minority" groups. 

The irony here, is that's going to be the "politically correct" decision of the future.  So these people need to stop with this old "minority"/Jewish advice and get some new stuff that aligns with European Americans and all Europeans as a minority.  "Don't do this, be careful.  Be sensitive. Me, I mean minorities."

Fuck that.  Fuck you people that did this for your own ethnic interests, without a care in the world for "white people" of European descent and our interests as a group.  OUR lives matter.  Our countries matter.

You can blame Trump for current trends.  But it's not him.  It's us.  Our influence is growing while you sit around in the past, giving the same advice that you've always given.  As if your precious minorities will not be or are not ALREADY the majorities of ethnic activist "racists" aligning against Trump as an implicit (or at the rate this is going, explicit!) leader and representative of the interests of European Americans.  Delaware Politics, same thing... if you're successful in establishing a kosher/commercial media outlet that can be monetized then you'll be yet another iteration of exactly what many white people hate.
You people are the past. 

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