Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Could be wrong, these guys at Delaware Politics seem like the essence of old cucks.

I would say stupid old cucks but their level of intelligence varies.  Mr. Ayotte over there is working on inciting hate crimes against white people. Yet then these guys get all outraged when someone stands up to them.  And they use any pretext to give up the customs and traditions of our people, a fair/white minded view of free speech.

A fitting end.  Something to keep in mind when they have posts about "national security."  They are traitors in the only way that matters, not to country but to their kin and our customs.  I have zero respect for their claims.  Not even claims, really... just a bunch of sniveling and whining about racism and antisemitism as they yip and yap like guard dogs for jews, their chosen Master Tribe. 

Their incessant sniveling about racism is almost like Dick Cheney calling Edward Snowden a traitor.

Who’s afraid of Watts and his ilk? Not me. I am just bored. 

In other words, he's probably afraid again.

The first thing that he's probably afraid of is the truth.  But it's Mr. Ayotte that should be afraid in an imaginary way, given that he's trying to incite hate crimes against my kin.

Unbelievable, in a way, that people of European descent like us should have to focus on clearing our own house of self-haters that don't even care about their kin.  I am not the Klan of Kabbalah or a Judaizer incorporated in old slave networks among the "goyim" that goes around secretly, you stupid cucks.  We're organizing now to stand as European Americans.  The first step in this is the media, not putting on stupid costumes to commit crimes like in your fevered imaginations.   Boo!  


We would like to get an intelligent discussion going, but instead, we get loads of of the same old irrelevant racist bigoted conspiracy theory crap wasting our time and space.

They wanted a controlled, kosher culture and narratives.

But everyone already has that, day after day.  It's called the MSM and Delaware "Line them up and shoot them." Liberal.  Who do you think that Jews are usually talking about? 

How many Jews do they cite in their anti-white articles over at Delaware Liberal?  And that slightly larger backwater than Delaware Politics aside, what is/was the MSM?  (Curious how they have to shut down and monitor their comments sections too now.  Ha, ha...)

If people wanted more of that anti-white/anti-"racist" drivel, then they can go to the MSM or Delaware Liberal. But when they (All ten of them, I'd imagine.) go to Delaware Politics, what do they find?  An even more extreme version of anti-white stories: "In Delaware: They Lynch Negros"

Reality:  "In Delaware: They Find Imaginary Nooses"

And censor people like me that stand up to their attempts to incite hate crimes against my family.

Watts has his own blog and may get kudos from fellow bigots when he posts in more racist/antisemitic venues, so he really does not need to post his tripe on Delaware Politics.
Yeah, CNN comment section is a racist/antisemitic venue.  There again, maybe it's all getting that way because European Americans are fed up.  They're angry again. Just think what it would be like if they realized that they exist as a group and that a different "line them up and shoot them." group is generally trying to get them killed as a group, huh?  
All criticism of jews is antisemitism (Whatever that is.) according to these guys at Delaware Politics, no matter what tribal jews are actually doing based on Judaism and international crime networks based on it. So they could be organ trafficking up the street again, in accordance with their customs and traditions, and nary a peep from these pro-$emitic cucks.  They could call up their Masonic Judaizers and people like Jack Lew to try to destroy a whole nation.  Nary a peep of criticism. 

No matter what they actually do, these cowards will put up with it.  

Good luck with your blog, I suppose.  It wouldn't matter if it was successful.  You'd be another iteration of the kosher MSM.  We already have that.  "The media." "The banks."  "The political class and their advisers in DC."  "The oligarchic donors."  "Hollywood." There is a rising tide of anger at all of these institutions and trends. 

WHO is generally managing, producing, financing and influencing all these things?  

The way I view it, I'm helping to weave the web around these people.  And it's getting more sticky by the day.  One ironic thing about it is that Jews or witless shabbos goyim like Delaware Politics usually censor so much information that anyone seeking to learn about what is actually occurring in their nations and countries can just search for "Jew" or "Jew this" and "Jew that" now.  And all they'll find is criticism of the Tribe that's been suppressed and censored throughout history while Jews created and cultivated a withering "culture of critique" for European "goy" post WWII.

Just like with Jewish nationalism, the web is naturally going to continue to weave itself around their abject hypocrisy.  This is a matter of technology being on a collision course with very common forms of Jewish behavior, Jewish customs and international "webs" of tribal traditions.

So expect it to continue in the future.  Usually all radicals argue "The young this and that..." hoping that will be the case.  But this time, there's actual evidence that it is the case.  You can observe and see it coming, as if in slow motion.  What?  A growing challenge to Jewish power and forms of supremacy that they established for themselves based on WWII.

That's what.  If it was kosher for your little blog, then it wouldn't be radical.  Lol... 

Think the steam cap on the Trump train will hold?      ;-)

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