Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Delaware Politics and Jews....

I'm just having fun so that if anyone uses the technique of search: "This, Jew." then they'll think that Delaware Politics is Jewish.  They're Judaizers and total cucks, so it's basically yet another Jewish media outlet full of ethnic activism for Jews as a group anyway. 

If they're successful in building up a media outlet then so what?  It's Judaized and "politically correct," the exact thing that people are growing to hate just as they normally do.  Who invented political correctness?  Why is it cultivated in "the media"?   Who is the first and most powerful/"oppressive" minority of them all?

Who is at the top of progressively powerful Victim minority groups that are already currently growing into a majority in all majority European and European derived countries?

It's really quite odd, especially when white goys criticize and generalize about Muslims all the time.  Guess what, when some "Communist"/Jew appears at a Trump rally with a Muslim wearing a yellow star that's because they're against you witless cucks.  They always have been.  They want to disarm you.  They want to silence you.  Because they're a foreign ethnic group, forming political parties/tribes to hide their fear and loathing of white people in again.  "Communism."  Whatever.  Even their right wing that you feverishly support (The people celebrating burning Arab "goy" toddlers to death, etc.), also hate your witless white guts. 

Lol.  This would be more amusing if these witless white guys weren't in my group trying to incite hate crimes against my kin now.  Not smart, goys.    This isn't going to work.  Do you understand yet? 

Apparently one has to grant the Jews as a hate group this, they have their little goyim slaves defending them.    It's like a little competition between Democrats and Republicans, who can do what's good for the Jews?  Their irrelevant local slaves will censor for them, doing away with our customs of free speech and fair/white mindedness.

They'll be their little comrades of Communism on the Left (Delaware Liberal) or Jewish nationalism/Zionism on the right (Delaware Politics).  On the Left, they'll form minority coalitions against the host nation with them.  This leads to "Line them up and shoot them." WHO?  What ethnic group are these hate groups of the Left talking about?  On the Right, they/"neoconservatives" incite wars that benefit their nationalists and financial oligarchs that will in turn contribute to more Jewish charities for THEIR OWN GROUP while people of European descent wander around being rugged individuals.

Religious Jews openly argue in accordance with the customs and habits of THEIR GROUP: "Goyim are destined to serve us."   WHO?  A GROUP.  After their "secular" Kabbalah klansmen in Hollywood (Who was the Klan, again?  What? Who are all the fake Hollywood "Nazis"?) are done screwing with so-called "mainstream" culture in America, here these local guys are defending and serving Jews as a group while simultaneously inciting hate crimes against their own kin group based on nothing.  They won't even let people talk about ethnic groups.

That's what the sniveling about racism/antisemitism is all about.  Kosher "anti-racists" that support Jewish supremacy by omission and censorship don't care if Arab toddlers are burned to death by Jewish lunatics.  That, among many other things, will never be reported by these witless wonders. 

 They're serving and defending a foreign ethnic group that is more tribal than their/our own European kin.    Lunar, crazy desert LUNATICS.  ;-)   Yet, it's an impressive feat that a minority group has gotten these witless cucks to do this for them while seeking to diversify their own "racist"/kin out of existence.

Anyway, a sample of the "minority"/racist/antisemitism crapola from our enemies at Delaware Politics:
I’m under no obligation to take it or dish it out and I refuse to put up with Watts’ bigotry, racism and antisemitism. I owe you no further explanation!
There is no explanation other than the very "political correctness" that they don't want Communist Jews like the Bernie Sanders supporter with a Muslim wearing a yellow star at a Trump rally applying to Muslims now.  Political correctness, the foundation of which was established by Jewish hate groups in an "academic" setting as soon as they got kicked out of other countries for the same type of Communist/internationalist behavior combined with criminality and terrorism.  You can't have your Jewish Superman/Uberman CARTOONS and LIES where you play the part of their Team Cuck hero and not expect this.  They're going to use that to subvert you and diversify/destabilize you with Muslims.  Then Bernie "Judeo-Bolshevik" can win and in the name of equality and diversity, guess what he will do? 

Anyway.  These guys don't even realize that heir kin group exists and has interests like these other groups that do realize they exist in the first place.

"Subversion... of what?  Me individual!  No, no... they individual Jewish led minority groups?"


These guys could be looking straight at a religious Jew that can still articulate where habits, customs and traditions of fear and loathing for the goyim as a group came from saying, "We're trying to monetize all you goy.  Because we want you to be our slaves, in accordance with our customs of tribalism and conspiracy."  And these witless cucks would deny it or pretend that each Jew is an individual.   What's next, pretending that the Communist party/tribe that generally serves as a front for them as a tribe/group were all individual communists?

In contrast, I've always been about what is true.  Whether that involves theories or observable facts.  So if "in theory," some Jew is sitting there right in front of me openly articulating their customs and ancient traditions of conspiracy as a GROUP, then I'll admit to what can be observed.  No conspiracy theorizing, although that's an important skill in life if you expect to comment on politics.  But that aside, it's a fact.  It's observable.  Yet these guys in some minor blog with an anti-white political party of two will lie and censor to try to protect Jews that want to enslave or diversify their own kin group.  That's exactly what our kin are growing to hate again, as they usually do.  As they should hate, if they love their own family.  Why do you think that the Jews form all these Commie/"globalist"/"international" type of anti-nationalist organizations to survey and monitor the amount of hate that the goyim are beginning to have for Jews as a group, yet again?

It's probably because they know what their own behavior produces, even if they can't articulate it.  "The goy always get mad when we try to diversify our investment portfolios or monetize and enslave them.  Dang these goy!  We better donate to groups to spy on and police them for their hatred of what we're trying to do to their families, then.  Why does this always happen?  Better finance more books about it!  And movies too!  These goyim will learn to love our tribe, I mean the Party enslaving them eventually."  Etc.etc. 

The more intelligent over at Delaware Politics are apparently openly saying that they're being politically correct for the sake of money and so on.

Yet that's exactly what the people/"goyim" hate, as usual. So even if Delaware Politics was "successful," they'd just grow into yet another politically correct/hated MSM outlet.

In any event, they will not be successful anyway.      

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