Thursday, June 05, 2014

Ramble on Reparations

If people want real reparations based on tribalism then it can't be based on the political correctness of the Judaic Frankfurt School and the identity politics being policed by the Judaic SPLC, ADL and so on.  Because people bureaucratic/legalistic/Talmudic mentality by which tribes were often monetized in the first place have been the worst offenders historically, so how can those that have been far and away disproportionately incorporated in racism and Slavery Inc. now be the policemen of "hate" for everyone else? 

Meanwhile, HERE AND NOW:  (Gentiles Exist Only To Serve Jews, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef Says)*  What a sensational story that could have been in America's oligarchic Media Inc., huh?  It could have been all over Fox News just like they would report on an Islamic cleric talking about the dhimmi kuffar, no doubt.

Ironically rabbinic/Talmudic and Islamist sources and justifications for slavery still exist to this day, here and now.

Perhaps American progressives and conservatives are usually mind bendingly stupid and ignorant thanks to the Media Inc. and that's all it amounts to.  One blind eye generally can't see Islamic extremism (too busy with their fantasies about the "Christian Taliban" and trying to poop rainbows of tolerance), while the other can't see ideologies of Jewish supremacy (too busy with their own forms of Christian Zionism, leaving one to wonder why they don't just convert to Judaism/tribalism themselves.... etc.).... so both are essentially blind in one way or another.

Both groups have had little to say about the way "top secret" societies are formed or the actions of international privateers with their "skull and bones" false flag attacks and so forth.  

Their little debates are entertaining though.  And they're still "the base" of the establishment, so it's still "progressives vs. conservative." 

For now.  Although 911 truth and the collapse of the Right and Left pillars upon which civilization rests may be headed the way of the "establishment" from the base on up.  And if it continues to trickle up, people will find a sort of rabbinic cabal seeking to establish a global government for their "King of the Jews" close to the top of it.         

*He's the guy sitting to the right of the Israeli prime minister.

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef Dies at 93 - Huffington Post
Oct 7, 2013 - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, center, escorts the body of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef during his the funeral in Jerusalem, Monday, Oct. 7, ...
Rabbi Ovadia Yosef buried in largest funeral in Israeli history
Jewish Times
The Times of Israel
Oct 7, 2013 - Police helicopter night vision photo of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef's funeral in ... Israeli President Shimon Peres, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin ..... ADL calls Yosef a 'towering rabbinic figure' but one 'not without controversy'.
Clearly a fringe voice, like the "goy emanate from Satanic spheres" Chabad rabbis receiving Congressional medals of honor and lighting a huge nationalist/religious symbol on the White House lawn in the background.  Apparently it's all fringe. 

With respect to reparations, justifications for Slavery Inc. based on tribalism are right in Judaic texts.  That's why some rabbis still teach it.

"Interpretations" and lies tend to vary if rabbinic teachings are opposed or exposed.  One would think that people would listen to what a former Talmudic/tribal terrorist like the Apostle Paul had to say about a lot of it, with respect to his old mentality and his new mentality.  But they don't.  Or they can't, given that most are illiterate or focused on forms of entertainment in the trendy Media Inc. that's been incorporated in oligarchic networks owned by tribalists.  Is it good for the Jews?  (There again, what about everyone else?  They're all just the goy, I guess.)

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