Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ramble 6/26

Meanwhile, in the background...  people living in that state and even farther along in agreement with rabbinic thinking are saying that Team America should let Arab tribes kill each other.  Given that was the plan all along anyway.  Finally, the goyim golem gets a break from checking everyone's underpants for WMDs while winking at the only rogue nuclear state in the MidEast...  huh? 

But you'll probably have to check your own again soon enough, perhaps with help from Inc., thanks partly to Moseley and David Anderson and Fay and the general absence of "truthers" on the Right.  They couldn't see factions based on Jewish supremacy if their own media was full of hatred for them as an ethnicity and "WMDs" were being put on the plane right next to them.

Again, even the dumbest goy are waking up at this point:
For those that are still skeptical of my claims, please realize that I do not make my claims without a great deal of thought and research. My firm belief is that Umar was escorted around security and given an intentionally defective bomb by a U.S. intelligence agent. The bomb was never intended to detonate, but merely intended to create a "simulated terrorist attack" or a "false flag attack" if you will. In December of 2009, the U.S. Government hadn't seen a terrorist attack in 8 years, It was getting more and more difficult to spend hundreds of billions a year on terrorism and to continue to fight two fraudulent wars based on terrorism. Those making their livings off of the war on terror didn't want to lose their cash cow. Enter Umar the Underwear Bomber. A second benefit of a failed bomb being found in Umar's underwear, was to enable body scanning machines to be placed in every airport. How convenient for Michael Chertoff , a former head of the DHS, to have ties to the body scanning companies. I doubt that this was any coincidence. Once again, billions of dollars would flow from the U.S. Government for body scanning machines that were needed to protect us.    Link
  But here comes Alex Jonestown to get America to implode in a civil war while the soothsayer Glenn Beck is apparently striking the pose of laying down and dying.  Do these guys know that Zionism in War Inc. and the Jewish supremacy and networking in banking on Wallstreet that finances a problem? 

One would think that with their links to the intelligence community that they would have to.   

Despite the rumblings of a civil war there is still a political solution... shut down the big business of Zionism Inc. and the false flags it creates to go back to the Constitution, due process, etc.  All these lies can't survive in a court of law, no more than W. could testify about 911 without Cheney. 

On a side note... the Founders already gave you the tools to avoid the empire builders and the supremacists, as if by magic.  So get these factions to abide by the Constitution.  It's probably too late, given that the destabilization campaign making use of all the goy/tribes (Or the wretched refuse*, as one Zionist put it.) for the benefit of oligarchic Judaics seems to be in full swing.  I'm just saying that in theory... it could work.

*Trash, huh?  Somehow I doubt that a Zionist would refer to themselves or their own children or their own chosen tribe as refuse or trash.  But it's their cultural milieu, so like Donald "I'm not a racist." Sterling, they usually don't even get it.     

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