Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ramble 5/31

I am writing an essay about the resurgence of gnosticism, which essentially denies material reality in favor of spirit and will, and its practical effects on public polity.

The only problem is that gnosticism is prevalent among the ruling class because there is an element of truth to it.  More than an element, really.  At a lower level, note the attitude of a supposedly "high" or "top secret"/gnostic operative like Karl Rove.  The attitude is something like:  "We're creating reality, leaving you to react to it."

If "the base" in politics begins to have the same attitude, then perhaps it's partly due to the fact that the ruling class has always had a gnostic attitude... from 33rd Liberty Street to the 33 Sectors of the U.N. symbol, to the 33 this and 33 that.  Even the trends upon which organizations like the KKK were built bear the stamp that's designed to look like random babble by a cabal.  K is the eleventh letter.  KKK = 33.

Some people fancy themselves as white magicians like Disney Inc. but to criticize gnosticism in a culture generally steeped in and incorporated in it?  I wouldn't blame the base or the basemen playing an all American sport like baseball for beginning to have the same gnostic mentality.  For good or evil, even supposedly rebellious Americans have generally always been ruled by gnostics or people that take an elite mentality of ruling everyone else based on perceptions.

And when you look at some elements of the base... don't they have a point?  It seems to me that the base is happier playing baseball on a field surveyed and encompassed by the compass and square.  I could be wrong, they may want to rule themselves.  Or at least think that's what they're doing.  So perhaps the best system for many would be one in which that they thought that they were somehow ruling themselves, even if they weren't really doing so in general.

Small ramble.  But I go back to declassified stuff like Operation Northwoods...  and you know, it may have been best for Cubans if Cuba had been turned into more of a McCuba with a Disney Inc. on it.  Just saying.  I'm still against that sort of thing because we, as "the base" that gnostics tend to build their "top secret" Empires Inc. might be the people on the planes that they're planning on crashing into buildings again.  Etc.  So I'm against Operation Northwoods type scenarios.  911 is different, given that Zionists did it to advance their own interests.  So America generally didn't even advance its Empire or have the opportunity to say, turn Cuba into a McCuba Inc. and so forth.  One would think that our super duper elite ruling class (I'm inventing reality now!) gnostic types would do something against Zionists, other than merely drag their feet on going to war with Syria/Iran recently.  Perhaps they're not as super "I'm inventing reality and a pretext for war now.  After we've invented reality, we'll leave you to report on it.  So go get embedded in the military complex." duper as they thought.                

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