Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Judeo... ."Christians"?


Meanwhile, American fright wing JudeoChristians:  "It seems like our own media hates us when they aren't making movies about how Muslims are terrists or somethin'."  Indeed.  It's probably all the fault of the Muslims' Manchurian candidate, huh?  I don't watch Fox News (or, on the other hand, MSNBC) anymore.  But a while ago I did see Bill O'Reilly and Laura Ingraham discussing why there's so much anti-Christian hatred in the media and by so-called "secular progressives" that like Russian peasants/"Communists", never saw some agit prop against their fellow citizens that they weren't suckers for. 

Apparently secular versions of the same old stuff are very mysterious to ignorant goy. 

One juxtaposition, have you heard of Jewish terrorists and racial supremacists?  Do you even know that they exist?  How many movies have you seen about them?  How many Fox News Inc. reports?  Etc.  (But every two bit Islamic terrist or privateer working for the CIA before they get assassinated without trial, a collaborator like "I think Iran just hijacked the Malaysian plane." Murdoch makes sure that the dumb goy get to see that.  Who controls your media?  Who are they business partners with?  What can and can't be reported? What gets scrubbed from their internet sites?  Etc.)  

Anyway... back in reality, we the people need to end all foreign aide to Israel and begin trimming back America's Oligarchy Inc.  Now.  Yesterday.  Forty years ago. 

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