Thursday, June 05, 2014

Don't have time to finish this thought or verify anything. Oh well. Maybe someone else can link it together.


That term is actually backed with a bit of information, given that it traces back to the international networks (Oppenheimer* had a hand in that, didn't they?) that traded opium and basically created yet more profitable wars for bankers.

Apparently the British got to build an Empire for Sionists and now it's America's turn to build a global Empire for Zionists.  It's the all American man that will be blamed for the Empire, just like the common Englishman gets blamed for "colonialism."  Even when all they did was remain apathetic and stupid enough pay for it all in war while remaining incorporated in it.  For all their talk of common law and self-evident truths, most peasants are sheeple.

At least the juxtapositions of claims of "racism" among the dumb goy being used for Zion/Sion are entertaining, if nothing else.  Apparently no one gets to be racist, except the Judaics that are policing all the other tribes for racism, tribalism and """"hate."""" 

Logs and specks.  Etc.

*I vaguely recall that.  From blood diamonds to opium and all the rest of it, it's often the same networks/groupings of tribal psychopaths and crime families.  The dumb goyim have their gangs and their crime families too, I guess... but perhaps they're not as successful at it because tribalism and tribal loyalty above all logic/Logos and law has to be central to practicing gangsterism.  Kind of funny to see the Italians blamed for their mafia type stuff, when Judaics often ran those old crime networks. Merchant of Venice?

The main reason those networks based on tribalism/gangsterism keep forming around Judaics:  The Traditions of the Jews  A book that the oligarchic Oppenheimers tried to buy off, censor, etc... if I recall.      

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