Friday, June 13, 2014

Ramble 6/13

With respect to the economy, we basically have to wait to see what the Federal Reserve Inc. will do while Congress is busy with insider trading in the background.  With respect to the culture and "wedge issues," that's been the department of the Media Inc.  And that has been predominately owned based on the tribal networking that emerges from rabbinic teachings, including secular versions of the same old stuff.  All of which the goy typically aren't even aware of or want to be willfully blind to.   So we come across the odd sight of Christian Zionists willing to sacrifice their own national interests (If not sink their own ships... (Cheney) or let them sink (Moseley).) for the sake of a special relationship made in hell and forged in the apocalyptic death cults in which they think that the revelation/apocalypse of their God (god?) can be forced as if by magick. 

And then Chabad (the people meeting with Netanyahu and American presidents) has their own little thing going with respect to messianic ideas based on racial supremacy and so on. 

Meanwhile, Glenn Beck is lecturing about how a Muslim Caliphate is being established (At least that's what he used to say.)... probably by the Muslim Manchurian candidate....  while Alex Jones(town) calls the soothsayer Beck a Judas/Judaic goat.  Beck's selling gold.  Jones is selling prepper stuff.  Etc.  That's great.  Invest in disaster and calamity and the same old golden calf of the BULL (S***) market, to the extent that people are even paying attention.  (It would probably be simpler if local communities or states issued their own forms of currency instead of getting incorporated in the petrodollar system and global ponzi schemes. Just saying.)

With respect to seeking the truth in this crazy world, the progressive perspective of focusing solely on the Almighty Dollar and operations like "OIL"/Operation Iraqi Liberation.  That's one (admittedly huge) aspect of things.  But that's not all of it.  There is what I would call "ethno-theology" and cultural petri dishes too.  Moseley can see Islamists but Talmudists and Christian Zionists (himself).  They may all need the Almighty Dollar to win an election or oil and cheap credit to keep things running...  but that's not all it's about for them.  It simply isn't. As significant as money is, that's not all it amounts to. 

Sometimes idealists can run on fumes with little money and political pragmatists can get far too expensive and greedy.   

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