Friday, June 27, 2014

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ISIS reeks of a US / Western funded operation, trained and supported and using typical US PR propaganda and tactics, right down to the nice easy to remember name.
They come out of no where with mostly US equipment and arms and dollars all aquired thru very dubious means.   And the media then 'Puff's' them up like only it can do (when directed of course).
Not to mention that the cast of ISIS characters is filled with operators or 'actors' that look as if they've all spent a little too much time in the make-up department.
This was all planned to disrupt the Iraq gov. which was in the process of going rogue.  A puppet no more.
The simple objective is to split the country into factions and take over the key oil fields.
All so clear.  Just another faux war to further the western geo-strategic energy goals.

Fri, 06/27/2014 - 09:31 | 4901876 new Tall Tom
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I am just waiting for the ISIS soldiers capturring US Servicemen...and summarily executing them...and watch how the Obama Administration responds. /sarcasm

I just wonder if our CIA Operatives and "armed advisors" are really there to support the Maliki Government act as spies, collect intelligence, and hand it over to ISIS Leadership.

Thus Maliki will have the excuse to execute them.

It is not beyond the Obama Administration to sacrifice American Troops, CIA Operatives, and State Department personnel to achieve their geopolitical goals.

Remember Benghazi?

Congress, especially the "Republican" led Congress sure has seemed to have forgotten all about it. And then fools will tell me that there is a difference between Team Red and Team Blue?
Fri, 06/27/2014 - 10:16 | 4902078 new Thought Processor
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Also keep in mind that there is an internal struggle going on within the US Gov. (and has been for a long time) where a certain faction effectively has control of the key intel as well as the power to act at the whim of any National Security directive, all in secret of course.

This is as much an internal war as it is an external war.  Much remains behind the scenes though.

The truth always comes out eventually though.  The question is will anyone do anything about it?   Do people still care, or are we all resigned to living in this den of corruption forever?

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