Friday, June 27, 2014

Ramble 6/27

Slavery.  It's generally all ongoing, sometimes softened or masked by technology and the creation of wealth. 

Although if people weren't so busy with sniveling about things and engaging in the identity politics taught to them by the Jews of the Frankfurt School and Soros, then they would create wealth in reality and help their own communities and tribes. 

For all the lies and the deception in the world, people (especially Americans) can generally still take responsibility for themselves here and now.  We don't really have to go back a century to figure out which tribe victimized another, given that all those people are generally dead now.  To the extent that it's possible fine.  Payment would be better than listening to all the sniveling, it seems to me.   Reparations for interning the Japanese, not that they really sniveled about it as much.  Reparations for "the" Holocaust or interning the Jews that "declared war" on Germany as a tribe according to many and then wound up starving, just like other Germans.  (Maybe the Bush crime family and the Zionists that "declared war" and signed off on the Transfer Agreement could pay more for that, beyond what's already been paid?)

Perhaps the main reason that black people generally aren't paid.  They seldom build up enough wealth and power for themselves to effectively demand payment.  So apparently their best hope is being incorporated in the "affirmative actions" and identity politics created and owned by Jews that are often racial supremacists to this day. 

Shrug.  Good luck with that.  Create wealth for yourselves and be open to interracial marriages.  Family values or tribal values don't have to turn into the tribes/gangs typical to gangsterism and crime families and racists.  Interracial marriage will not necessarily turn into instability and decay, instead what Jewish supremacists intend to use as a way to destabilize and rule all the tribes may turn out just fine. 

Call me a romantic. 

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