Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ramble, blast from past...

Small ramble on a blast from the past, with respect to Lindsey Graham's "six months" claim:
In an unprecedented move, reports of the Obama administration firing a second military commander of the U.S. Nuclear Weapons system have surfaced. These officers have some of the highest clearances you can get, and have been in charge of the nation’s most sensitive nuclear arsenals.
    Reuters reported on Friday, Oct 11th that Major General Michael Carey was fired from his job as Commander of the 20th Air Force. The role is responsible for three wings of intercontinental missiles, a total of 450 missiles at three different US bases. He has served for 35 years per his Air Force bio, with numerous awards.
   The Air Force is reporting the firing is due to the current administrations “loss of trust”...   A Pentagon official told Reuters on Friday that the decision to fire the 2 star general was made by Lieutenant General James Kowalski. Kowalski has replaced him with Major General Jack Weinstein.
    On Wednesday, October 9th, President Barack Obama himself fired the Navy head of nuclear weapons, according to ABCNews Chief Global Affairs Correspondent Martha Raddatz. Navy Vice Admiral Tim Giardina, the second-in-charge at US Strategic Command, was fired by the President. Official statement indicates firing was due to use of counterfeit poker chips at an Iowa casino.[?????]  .... 
  Some say the firings of these two, along with two Marine Corp Generals, an Army Brigadier General, an Army 2-star General, and a Navy 1-star General are part of an effort to clean up operational failures, such as the 2007 incident of the Minot missing nukes.
   According to a wide range of reports, several nuclear bombs were “lost” for 36 hours after taking off August 29/30, 2007 on a “cross-country journey” across the U.S., from U.S.A.F Base Minot in North Dakota to U.S.A.F. Base Barksdale in Louisiana. Reportedly, in total there were six W80-1 nuclear warheads armed on AGM-129 Advanced Cruise Missiles that were “lost.” The story was first reported by the Military Times, after military servicemen leaked the story
   The rare firings of military nuclear chiefs follows another recent incident of nukes making headlines.
    As reported by CBS local Charlotte affiliate station on September 3rd, Senator Lindsay Graham told reporters in Goose Creek that if the US didn’t invade Syria, and launch a first strike war against Iran, that nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists could result in a bomb coming to Charleston Harbor. After the US Congress refusal to authorize war in Syria, Senator Lindsay Graham has not provided clarification for that statement made on September 3rd.
  So what actually happened?   Who knows.  And we may never know thanks to the Media Inc. 

Although it seems clear that something was going among the various factions of criminals running things now.

But we have the most transparent administration and government ever with the first black male that can't be blackmailed, huh?  Oh well... just imagine if people elect Hillary to work with Lindsey Graham and Congress in a bipartisan fashion, it would be like a match made in hell.  Approval rating would probably fall to 1%, from the 1%.  Yet they'd still be there running (ruining?) the government for the banking cartel and the Corporations Inc. formed out of its ponzi. 

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