Friday, June 06, 2014

Another ramble.... 6/6

So she writes a column for a paper owned by the Moonie’s. Big deal.

Better to write in papers owned by Jews and Zionists that lie about WMDs when it's time to lie or turn a blind eye to Israel's anti-miscegenation laws while promoting interracial marriage to the goy because that's the "mainstream" media, I suppose.

There’s nothing to fight over in Delaware anymore thanks to you guys and your slavish obsession with ‘true conservatism’. Many times, many of your storm trooper’s were actually very unnerving.

Then you're going to be very unnerved if actual militias and so forth start forming due to an "economic"/banking collapse in the Empire, a rather unnerving scenario.

No one is doing anything significant in a truly conservative way, so it's likely that the Tea Party and Occupy were just tremors of the eventual emergence of "Third Way" or "Golden Dawn" type stuff that transcends the old parties of the Right and the Left.  That's the way the Tea Party began, on a revolutionary note... before being incorporated in the establishment.  I don't want a revolution to happen.  But it's already begun happening internationally on the fringes of the Empire and in the more easily divided populist movements of the Tea Party and Occupy in America, etc.  Meanwhile, there are already new alignments emerging among people and China/Russia "axis powers" type stuff going on in the background as everyone tries to prepare for the decapitation of the dollar and """American""""  Corporations and currency that we the peasants are supposedly going to be responsible for or incorporated in.  Why we, as peasants, should care about the owners of the Federal Reserve Inc. (in Delaware) isn't clear... just like it's not entirely clear why we should necessarily care about the GOP or the current Almighty Dollar upon which everything is based.

I suspect we're supposed to take national or local pride in an international system owned by other people like "Globalists" Inc. and the proverbial international banker or "international Jews" that keep on trying to rule the goy/nations.

One problem with tribalism and uniting as a team is that the village idiot usually wants to come along.

One way around a failure to unify as a tribe of some sort is the rally around the flag effect.  Team Delaware!  Delaware Strong!  Or as some national security types have told me:   "We need another 911."  But with respect to the village idiot coming along when it's time to unite a tribe and rally around the latest false flag or pretext for tribal wars....  sometimes it seems like the whole village is full of easily ruled idiots.  And then what can an individual do but observe it all in perspective? 

There is no "I" in Team/Tribe America, World Police.  But try to draft my son into one of your "Grand Old Party" wars and see what happens to your Wizard of Oz/gold investments in illusions or even you, old men.   

Anyway, why were we supposed to care about the GOP... again?

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