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SSM and Judaism

Marriage is an exclusively religious institution in Israel, with separate religious authorities for Jews and Muslims, Christians and Druze. For Israeli Jews, marriage policy is dictated by the Chief Rabbinate, which is under the exclusive control of the Orthodox—and firmly opposed to gay marriage. Since the country has no civil marriage, gay couples seeking to marry within the borders of Israel are out of luck (as are any Jewish Israelis seeking a non-Orthodox marriage ceremony).
This arrangement—whereby marriage is in the control of the Orthodox rabbinate—is part of what Israelis call the status quo: an understanding between secular and religious Jews regarding the balance between religion and state. The status quo affects not only marriage, but also the education system, family law, supervision of kosher restaurants, and the opening of shops and public transportation on shabbat.
Altering the status quo, particularly concerning something as delicate as marriage, is the third rail of Israeli politics. This is not only because of the power and importance of ultra-Orthodox parties in the Israeli political system, but also due to a fear that changing the status quo would lead to the encroachment of secular values upon the religious—and vice-versa. Among Israel’s many political parties, only Meretz—a left-wing, social democratic faction—proposes to upend the status quo entirely by separating religion from state and legalising civil marriage.  Slate
The irony is that:
 ...the Talmud will allow homosexual congress with young boys and here is the evidence that it does, photographically reproduced directly from the Steinsaltz Talmud (and this is probably why publication of the volumes of the Steinsaltz Talmud was stopped midway through publication and dropped completely. It’s now out of print, in favor of redacted translations such as the recent Artscroll/Schottenstein edition).
    If the reader were to ask a rabbi about the uncensored text of Sanhedrin 54B, after the rabbi recovered from his shock that you even were aware of it, he’s likely to fob you off with the oft-heard claim that this Talmud passage was “just Rav's opinion in a debate with Shmuel.” What he is not likely to reveal to you is that the post-Talmudic codifier of Judaic law, Moses Maimonides, confirmed that Rav’s ruling about sex with a boy less than nine years old was the correct one — the adult is exempt from liability for having sex with a boy less than nine years of age. (Maimonides’ decision in favor of Rav’s depraved ruling may be found in Issurei Biah 1:14). Moreover, the text of BT Ketubot 11b and of Sanhedrin 54b photographically reproduced from the Steinsaltz Talmud on the previous page, fully support the halakha that the age of nine is the key factor in determining when sex with a boy is permissible. Judaism’s halakha, as derived from the “sages” of the Babylonian Talmud, amounts to a free pass for Talmudic child molesters.  (Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit by Hoffman, Michael (2008-08-10))    
Why you'll probably never get anywhere with people that are taught tribalism and a siege mentality from birth, to the point that they'll typically seem to defend their perceived tribe no matter what it does:
Talmudists are taught that nonJudaics by their very biological and spiritual nature are irrevocably “Jew” haters. ...the essence of anti-Goyism is passed to Jewish children with their mother’s milk, and then nurtured, fed and watered carefully into a full-blown phobia throughout their lives...Their attitudes are then perfectly formed. They know whom to hate...They want their children to hate the Goyim...They want to deny the humanity that links all people...Anti-Goyism is a foundation of the Orthodox and Hasidic philosophy and way of life.”
   The Talmudist smiles, shakes hands, offers conviviality and seemingly friendly words —and this includes alleged support for hot button conservative family values issues wherein they “join” Christians in giving the appearance of condemning homosexuality and abortion — all of this is a calculated ploy to win time and gain a definitive edge over gentiles, until the power of the synagogue and the Sanhedrin are total. If the synagogue and the Sanhedrin should establish supremacy over the West, and they are well on their way to doing so, the pseudo-humanitarian and pseudo-conservative camouflage will vanish, and all gentiles save the masonic variety will have the status of Palestinians: to be killed, tortured or imprisoned at will, without fear of prosecution, meaningful protest or even much notice being taken of their liquidation.
   Nothing can ameliorate the ultimate status of gentiles in halacha. Their status can be temporarily ameliorated for the sake of gaining opportunistic advantage, but beneath that expedient, the gentile is always viewed as another Esau, forever locked in battle with the Holy People of Judaism.
   The objection may be raised that this teaching that Judaics are always and invariably hated by gentiles is limited only to the most retrograde bearded rabbi in some back alley shul in Mea Shearim. Au contraire, this rabbinic concept is full-blown within the West’s political, cultural and social avant-garde, as reflected in the repartee of the most “progressive” and “elite intellectuals” in the West:
The most discussed political book in France this autumn is Ce grand cadavre à la renverse (literally, ‘this big corpse lying on its back’), by Bernard-Henri Lévy ...He is only one of the most sophisticated proponents of the present-day widespread conservative Jewish rejection of any attempt to explain historical events by material or political causes. This rejection of analysis is central to the religious attitude toward the Holocaust, or Shoah (that is, the Nazi massacre of the Jews understood in religious terms). For the defenders of this contemporary religion, it is wrong to seek material explanations for events that must remain ‘incomprehensible’ in their magnitude...Any explanation other than eternal and recurrent hatred of the Jews may even be denounced as anti-Semitism....This is consistent with the position that there can be no explanations for anti-Semitism other than the eternal nature of anti-Semitism itself. Above all, there can be no causes for which Jews themselves, in this case the State of Israel, might be in some way responsible.
    Bernard-Henri Lévy is promoting these notions of hardly in the minority when it comes to recurrent and eternal, irrational hatred of blameless Judaics. The “given law” of Halacha hi beyoduah she’Eisav soneh l’Yaakov is threaded throughout our news media and U.S. government policy. It undergirds the neocon Right and the Zionist left. It is the staple fiction of the western intelligentsia as well as the mainstream churches.

Note that there's a huge difference between the racism or ideologies of tribal supremacy typical to the Talmudists (goyim), Islamists (dhimmi, provided the Shia and Sunnis haven't killed each other already) and Nazism (lesser races) though.  "Conservative" Christians and "neocons" are usually utterly blind to Jewish forms of supremacy but not Islamic or nationalist/Nazi forms.  So those that are educated know about the "dhimmi" concept promoted by some Islamic factions but not the concept of "goyim" promoted by some Jewish factions.  Etc.

Interpretations about the goyim/dhimmi/lesser races and factions among supremacists vary, i.e. if all the millions of Muslims truly believed in "dhimmi" status and the establishment of Sharia then the world would look different than it does.  Or if all Jews truly believed in the ideology of racism and supremacy promoted in the Talmud and to some degree in the Torah, then the world would look different than it does.

But it is all part of the reason that the world looks as it does: 

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