Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I might think more about this later.

The terminated policies are a feature, not a bug. Obama never should have said what he did, because it was a lie and he knew it.

Single payer, here we come!

You realize that the federal government is going to borrow debt/money into existence from an international cartel of bankers in order to pay for that, right?  And they ultimately control the money/debt. Therefore the government won't be able to "afford" to redistribute much wealth in reality, as everything shifts around and toward the .001% due to the fact that they've already given away the power of the government to create money. 

This will be the case no matter what you do to try to make healthcare affordable or to try to get people "covered" in ponzi.  Plus now everyone is going to think that Obama's "socialism" failed thanks to "We are all socialists now." Newsweek and so forth.  He's not a socialist but people think he is.  Republicans are not capitalists but people think they are.  So socialists and capitalists will continue to take the blame for the banksterism of the Democrats and the Republicans.  As the ponzi continues to come back on more and more Americans they'll blame socialism or capitalism... or the person on food stamps because their job has been outsourced or the upper middle class of "rich people" (Papa John has too many swimming pools, etc.) that actually create pizza or wealth in reality (unlike the .001% or political operatives of banksters like Soros).

It's all due to "socialism" or "capitalism"... but apparently you won't blame the prevalence of banksterism and follow the money.  So that's, that...

On a side note, it is true that socialism doesn't work.  Robert Owen followed the American tradition of experimentalism and found that, as have numerous other people.  It's always more disastrous than capitalism (which is already disastrous) unless people are following the advice of Christ to love each other or are overflowing with His Spirit of empathy.  And that's never going to happen when people are ruled by tribalists/Talmudists that hate Christ and others unless He makes it happen by converting a member of their political cult again, as He did with the apostle Paul and so forth. 

Are you going to plan based on miraculous events or make plans based on repeated events that can be observed?

What can be observed of socialism historically:
Community experiment in America (1825)

In 1825, such an experiment was attempted under the direction of his disciple, Abram Combe, at Orbiston near Glasgow; and in the next year Owen himself began another at New Harmony, Indiana, U.S., sold to him by George Rapp. After a trial of about two years both failed completely.
The word "socialism" first became current in the discussions of the "Association of all Classes of all Nations" which Owen formed in 1835[6] with himself as Preliminary Father.  During these years his secularistic teaching gained such influence among the working classes as to give occasion for the statement in the Westminster Review (1839) that his principles were the actual creed of a great portion of them.

At this period, some more communistic experiments were made, of which the most important were that at Ralahine, in County Clare, Ireland, and that at Tytherly in Hampshire. The former (1831) proved a remarkable success for three-and-a-half years until the proprietor, having ruined himself by gambling, had to sell out. Tytherly, begun in 1839, failed absolutely.

By 1846 the only permanent result of Owen's agitation, so zealously carried on by public meetings, pamphlets, periodicals, and occasional treatises remained the co-operative movement, and for the time even that seemed to have utterly collapsed. He died at his native town on 17 November 1858.  --Wikipedia
Socialism = abject failure. 

We don't need to try it or experiment with it again.  Technology isn't going to change forms of consciousness that the historical record shows that only empathy or Jesus (the empathy of God) changes. 

Technology is merely a matter of technique. 

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