Monday, November 11, 2013

I would like to write about different factions and issues but few are as influential and salient as Zionism.

Maybe someday everyone will be home and not in war zones.

Well, at least the war with Syria/Iran has been prevented again for now.  So chalk one up for us, Anonymous and the internet in general...  influence that is only growing, I might add.  So if you've hitched your wagon to central banking and the corporate media while the internet is decentralizing everything, well. 

But stopping the war with Syria/Iran for now is no thanks to people that frame all criticism of AIPAC and Talmudists as being anti-Semitic.  (And anti-Saudi or anti-Qatari too, no doubt.)  I shouldn't say stopping another war.  As it's just been put on a simmer and the Israelis are still running bombing campaigns and so forth anyway. 

Israel is incensed that the Obama administration confirmed a recent Israeli airstrike on Syria's coast, The Times of Israel reports.

Late Wednesday night a Syrian base in the coastal area of Latakia — which held Russian-made surface-to-air missile systems — was destroyed.

The immediate speculation was that Israel was involved, but that wasn't certain until an unnamed White House official confirmed it to CNN.  Link
  So apparently they didn't really need AIPAC to try to get the US to find WMDs in Assad's underpants, after all. 

We're still paying for the missiles in foreign aide.  But at least they've begun fighting some of their own wars instead of trying to false flag or lobby Americans into war again.

But again...  this is no thanks to you (Don) and others that can't see through the charade of all resistance to putting Israeli interests before those of Americans (other than dual citizens) being the equivalent of "antisemitism" and therefore, racism.  We should either annex Israel and all be dual citizens so that we all have equal representation in our government with respect to going to war or no one should be.  If over 90% of the American people could have disagreed with the scheduled war with Syria/Iran and we still went ahead with it (openly instead of covertly) anyway... that would have been something.  

I think the Israelis and their agents in the U.S. must have scared themselves with the anthrax attacks and the fact that anyone that bothers to research it knows that poor Collin Powell/"Here take this vial of it to the U.N. because Al Qaeda met with Iraqis in Prague or somethin'." scenario was utterly botched.  Etc. Even if the corporate media won't investigate and might as well act as an asset for the Mossad, apparently the internet cannot be controlled yet.

Anyway...  support the veterans, stop trying to find WMDs in their underpants and stop going to war for Israel.  Or if you want to find some WMDs and a rogue nuclear weapons program, then look for those that the Israelis stole from America. 

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