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[quote="Pete Tar, post: 75240, member: 481"]I assume you meant 'selectiveness' not seductiveness.
How does SPLC pull apart social fabric by highlighting civil rights issues?
Mynym seems to think their work is void because it doesn't highlight the work of the evil Zions.[/quote]

It's not all void.  Sometimes they do good work.  But apparently their own workers know that their work is often void or just a fund raising and marketing gimmick designed for progressives, that's probably why they walked out and protest sometimes.

The point is that the SPLC is partnering with the DOJ and the DHS even when they can't put two words together about the ideologies of racial supremacy promoted by Chabad and others.  (The CEO of SPLC now sits on the DHS Working Group on Countering Violent Extremism)  

At a wider level, there tends to be one "hate group" that wants to police all others or lead the charge for immigration everywhere else but then:  "Uh, but I want my own tribal homeland or somethin'."

Something like:
"Give me your tired, your poor...  heck, just send the wretched refuse and the trash!"
"Uh...  I need my own homeland with my own race.  No refuse allowed!"  --Emma Lazarus, Zionist

That's hardly a satire of people that tend to have a tribal/Talmudic mentality.  Apparently in their minds everyone else or every other tribe should hardly be allowed to have an identity (hate!!!).  Or everyone else probably needs to be told their immigration policies... but when it comes to their own tribal identity, the borders are closed and being in a tribal "hate group" isn't an issue.  As apparently it's not hateful to think of yourself as a chosen tribe, fit to police or rule the goyim based on laws that don't apply to your own tribe.

I'm actually a big believer in love and marriage dissolving race and hate, myself.  So all Jews in Israel should be free to marry whoever they want and there should be more immigration there.  In fact, we should all go there and become activists for immigration and free ponies and rainbows.  Not to mention working with their national security apparatus to police their tribalism more than the borders. 

I'm all for love, romance and marriage because it will shred racism and tribalism, naturally.  So here's an idea, every Israeli should have to marry a Palestinian by law.  And there you go... a problem that might ignite the world in flames, solved in a romantic way.  Make love, not war, etc.  But if that really is just romantic dreaming, then it's time to recognize the tribe that wants to form and the way it will naturally begin trying to police all others.

[quote]Somewhat ironic considering of course that the evil Zions have featured heavily as imagined protagonists in all fascist movements.[/quote]

Nazis and Zionists got along well enough to have a "Transfer Agreement" and so forth. Given that they were in agreement due to being racists and totalitarians that wanted to police others, perhaps that shouldn't be surprising.  Note that the Jewish scholar who published that information was disowned by his own mother.  Tribalism. 

Also, the general racist evils of Zionism or the practices of people with a tribal/Talmudic mentality in general are not imaginary.  It's a documented fact that many Jewish factions have been and continue to be racial and tribal supremacists.  That's simply history or a matter of reading their own writings.  It's also a historical fact that the reaction of fascist "reactionaries" to Jewish tribalism is usually equally tribal.  And that's not even all that historical, as it's already playing out in Greece again after Lloyd Blanfein and Goldman Sachs were finished with things there.  What's the general reaction of organized Jews to fascist reactionaries?  A more sophisticated form of tribalism based on a collective or tribal identity that will probably just through fuel on the fire as they seek to protect themselves from anti-semitism again.  Hopefully the vicious circle won't eventually lead to headlines like "Jews Declare War on Greece" if the Golden Dawn actually comes to power there more and so forth.  What's the "reaction" of reactionaries when a tribe or a race "declares war" on them?  It's an escalation in tribalism again.  Again. Again...  people like to say "never again" but it would probably be helpful if they tried to understand what took place in the first place. 

My question is, where did this sort of "death spiral" come from originally?  True, everything goes down and descends into racism and tribalism and so forth later.  But what is often at the root of all this racism and evil?  With respect to that, imagine this headline or scenario in the corporate media from the beginning:  "All Jews Want to Kick Lloyd Blankfein's Ass"  or "Judea Declares War on the Blankfein's Idea That He's Doing God's Work"  Etc.   But that didn't happen.  And notice how Blankfein started trying to put a little rainbow in front of himself and came out in support of same sex marriage and so forth, probably in order to appeal to progressives.  Next thing you know Blankfein is going to start trying to sell hopium and change for Obama Inc. again.   Similarly... with respect to the SPLC, imagine if members of black nationalist or supremacist groups wanted to create organizations that were progressively (just look at this little gay rainbow and not the money, etc.etc.) beginning to be partnered with power structures in the DOJ or the DHS and so forth.  Would it be a good idea to turn a blind eye to the ideologies of racial and tribal supremacy of some of the members of their supposedly happy and gay organization just because they put a rainbow out in front of the same old crap?  I wouldn't say that their work would be void.  They might wind up doing good work fighting other racists sometimes. But it would still ultimately be a pretty fake organization that shouldn't be allowed to merge with the DHS or the DOJ.  

Note that if you say that the Nation of Islam or Islamic factions shouldn't be able to form partnerships with the DHS, then the same thing applies to Talmudic factions and the tribal mentality that tends to typify them.   (I could be wrong but I can't find where the SPLC lists Chabad as a hate group and so forth.)  

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