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SPLC ramble...

Not worth posting and probably needs more research as far as the culture at the SPLC possibly being shaped by people with a Talmudic mentality.  Probably something along those lines, though.

[quote="JeffreyNotGeoffrey, post: 74471, member: 1607"]SPLC identifies hate groups.[/quote]

Curious, they don't include many Jewish factions or Chabad and so forth.  I checked their lists.

Note some Jewish ideologies of supremacy and "hate":[ex]The difference between a Jewish and a non-Jewish person stems from the common expression: 'Let us differentiate'. Thus, we do not have a case of profound change in which a person is merely on a superior level. Rather, we have a case of 'let us differentiate' between totally different species.

This is what needs to be said about the body: The body of a Jewish person is of a totally different quality from the body of [members] of all nations of the world... The difference of the inner quality [of the body] is so great that the bodies would be considered as completely different species. This is the reason why there is an halachic difference in attitude about the bodies of non-Jews [as opposed to the bodies of Jews] 'their bodies are in vain'. An even greater difference exists in regard to the soul. Two contrary types of soul exist, a non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holinessChabad[/ex]  There again, it's not clear how many people that have a Talmudic mentality work at the SPLC.  But sometimes it almost seems like people that consider themselves Jewish like to set themselves up to arbitrate all ideologies of supremacy, tribalism and racism... perhaps in order to avoid looking at their own ideologies of tribal supremacy.  Logs and specks again? 

[quote]They never advocate anything being done to said hate groups except to expose them and possibly get them to lose outside funding.[/quote]

Note the status of funding at the SPLC: 
[ex]What has infuriated the SPLC’s liberal critics is their suspicion that Morris Dees has used the SPLC primarily as a fundraising machine fueled by his direct-mail talents that generates a nice living for himself (the SPLC’s 2010 tax filing lists a compensation package of $345,000 for him as the organization’s chief trial counsel and highest-paid employee) and a handful of other high ranking SPLC officials plus luxurious offices and perks, but that does relatively little in the way of providing the legal services to poor people that its name implies.
CharityWatch (formerly the American Institute of Philanthropy), an independent organization that monitors and rates leading nonprofits for their fundraising efficiency, has consistently given the SPLC its lowest grade of “F” (i.e., “poor”) for its stockpiling of assets far beyond what CharityWatch deems a reasonable reserve (three years’ worth of operating expenses) to tide it over during donation-lean years. But even if the SPLC weren’t sitting on an unspent $256 million, according to CharityWatch, it would still be a mediocre (“C+”) performer among nonprofits.
...Morris Dees [founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center] won a judgment for a black woman whose son was killed by Klansmen. She received $51,875 as settlement. Mr. Dees, according to an investigation by the Montgomery Advertiser, pulled in $9 million from fund-raising solicitation letters that featured a particularly gruesome photograph of the grieving mother's son. Mr. Dees, who pays himself an annual salary of $275,000, offered the grieving mother none of the $9 million her son's death made for him.  Link[/ex][quote]I don't see how labeling people for hating other minorities, women, and tha gayz is itself hateful or anywhere near as bad as the garbage that Alex Jones spews.[/quote]

It's fine and supposedly the SPLC even does good work sometimes.  But it's not as if SPLC is totally good or Alex Jones is totally bad and should be put on a terrorist list by some SPLC lawyer trying to market their fight against hatred and "poverty."  If they're trying to do something about poverty while running a "non profit" then perhaps they could cut back on their $300,000 in compensation. 

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