Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Metabunk 11/20

Even if that were true there's still the small matter that the military industrial media is linked to getting hundreds of thousands of people killed, while Alex Jones may be rather loosely linked to the death of one TSA agent and so forth. (As was pointed out on Metabunk recently.) So the military industrial media that sandwiches their WMD and "war on terror" memes between ads for Ratheon and Boeing should or better be "demonstrably way better," given how dangerous their lack of investigative reporting and "official sources say" mentality has been to people around the world.

And it's not necessarily true.

Here is an example, the incubator babies hoax that was used to market the original Iraq war:

Then there were the anthrax attacks and other examples. This is part of the reason why people shouldn't be quick to condemn AJ when he immediately assumes that the corporate media is full of ignorant and lazy journalists that would probably do the same "Official sources are now leaking onto us their next marketing campaign for Murder Inc." stuff with Syria/Iran or other important issues if they could.

The rise of the alternative media isn't such a bad thing, even if they're often pretty lazy or sloppy and could use some debunking on trivial and unimportant stories like "Obama is an actor" sometimes too.

It's telling that you apparently don't think that you can debunk narratives and reports in the corporate media, as if they always settle on the truth after they're done with the "Get it first" slop they usually produce with "official sources."

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