Thursday, November 07, 2013


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If this fascist creep isn't playing out, what is playing out instead that supports the lack of concern or denial of the present state of affairs?[/quote]

I think there is evidence that the banker's ponzi and the psychological effect of their record amounts of debt/money flowing around "fiscal cliffs" has a lot to do with a growing sense of unease.  Prominent CIA agents have said that they're now turning their attention to the economy as the greatest threat to national security. 

But no one is really doing anything about it, as far as getting the government to issue a fiat currency debt and interest free for the sake of "We the people...".   (Ciancia probably believed in a gold standard. Real.  Dumb.  That would be like the Tea Party trying to pay off all the debt/money being created by bankers and then wondering why they don't have enough money in the end.)

Given that people are dumb one should probably expect more record ammo purchases by the DHS and perhaps more cases like Ciancia too...  as record amounts of ponzi keep colliding with the world and forming "NWO" governments full of "special interests" created by the ponzi and for the ponzi.  If people had more control over their governments and could see that the government had their best interests at heart (and not the special interests/corporations formed out of ponzi) then they would be less likely to feel alienated.

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