Monday, November 11, 2013

Saving this from censorship.

[quote="Pete Tar, post: 75070, member: 481"]So it's only fascism if it's aligned or part of the current structure, but it can't be fascism if it's opposed to it?
His opposing a current power structure doesn't mean he wouldn't impose his own version of it with his own in-group if he could.
(speculation only and not saying he would).[/quote]

Given the philosophy that Jones has laid down over the years he would discredit himself if he tried to partner with the DOJ or the DHS to create "hate speech" or "hate groups" lists like the SPLC does and so forth.  He already has a record, so no one would listen to him anymore if he violated his own First/Second Amendment principles. 

With respect to speculation, given that the SPLC was apparently created by Talmudists perhaps it's not surprising that their way is to centralize power over all other tribes or "hate groups" while apparently failing to mention the racial supremacy typical factions of the "in group"/tribe they may tend to identify with.  (E.g. Chabad.)  [ex]“…If a Jew needs a liver, can you take the liver of an innocent non-Jew passing by to save him? The Torah would probably permit that. Jewish life has an infinite value,” he explained. “There is something infinitely more holy and unique about Jewish life than non-Jewish life.”— Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburgh in “Jewish Week,” the largest Jewish publication in the United States, April 26, 1996.[/ex]  Etc. I can find no record of the SPLC condemning Chabad or listing Zionists along with other tribal/racist hate groups that want their own nations based on perceptions of race or tribe.

I could be wrong.  But it seems that what progressive dupes of the SPLC seem to be trying to see in Jones based on shadows and fact free "speculation" could be seen in the Southern Poverty Law Center, if anywhere.  Speculation only, I'm not saying that the SPLC might have the same Talmudic mentality as many Jewish Bolsheviks that weren't really crying themselves to sleep over the poverty of Russian peasants after they helped centralize power and wound up starving millions of them to death.  (Given the history of those with a Talmudic mentality the SPLC probably just wants to help win a war on poverty while paying themselves $300,000 in compensation and partnering with the DHS to try to police every form of tribalism or every hate group but Chabad, right?  Or not.)    All speculation only, not saying that they might begin to impose their version of a power structure to police all other tribes but their own in group if they could.

Anyway, can anyone here do a better job of framing Jones as a totalitarian or fascist?  You take Jones as an apparen Constitutionalists and I'll take the SPLC and the way that they've begun working with the DOJ and DHS to try to police everyone but their own in group/tribe and so forth.  It should be easy given that the SPLC supposedly wants to give everyone free ponies to poop happy and gay rainbows of tolerance and love everywhere, right?  

[quote]There were corporate and state structures before fascism was instituted in Germany. So it was once an 'outsider' view.[/quote]

Fascist leaders emerged from socialist parties because fascism is the heretical branch of socialism.  So it's not as if they were civil libertarians before but then once they got power they turned into fascists and socialists.  The historical record shows that they were always totalitarians and always had a tribal mentality, just like the Talmudists that they tended to enter into racist dialectics with.  (Best to leave them both to debate who the chosen or supreme race is and go out and so something useful in life, seems to me.) 

Given the facts about fascism it's likely that your unsupported speculations about Jones will always remain just that.  But if there are some facts that support theories about Jones being "in many ways" a fascist or his being a fascist in the "doesn't mean he wouldn't be one in the future" world of hazy hopium and change, then have at it.  Because so far I could probably do a better job of arguing that the SPLC has totalitarian goals.

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